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Marty - his Alien wife and first two Alien offspring



Clone 2 Asylum baby - Milo Insane

Milo's parents are Lex Strong and Lilly Seacrest.
(Lilly Seacreast is shown on familiar faces page and belongs to SRaina)

Milo can be downloaded from my studio on the  sims 3 forum HERE


After Clone 1 finished I carried on playing in the town.
As Marty had Octavia's gravestone - he got the phone call from the science fascility to restore ghosts.
So he took it and got Octavia back as a controllable ghost.

I have uploaded the family to the exchange
Marty and Octavia and 5 children - 2 of which are ghost babies.

Between Marty and Octavia they have the ability to make ambrosia
Marty maxed fishing and gardening and Octavia has learnt the recipie for ambrosia

The Keaton Ghost Family can be downloaded from HERE