Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Abducted by Aliens

Just a little distraction from the toddler challenge.
I can't leave Marty alone for a minute - he is always getting himself into trouble!!!

~ Abducted by Aliens ~

Marty is minding his own business catching fireflies outside the elixir store when he noticed some strange lights coming from out of the sky.

"What on earth is that?!"

Marty tries to run to get away from the beam of light shining down on him

"OMG - help - Its coming to get me"

Up it sucks him into the U.F.O

"This is not going to be good!!"

The next thing he remembers he is stood on the pavement with an "Alien"

"My name is Saphera, I'll be seeing you again soon Marty"
"Not if I can help it you won't!!"

Saphera gets into her space machine and vanishes.

Dazed and sore Marty feels like he has been poked and prodded but can not remember a thing.

Some time later he starts feeling fat - he's suddenly got a lot of unexpected weight gain - which doesn't really make much sense to him when he is continuously working out for his job.

"Maybe I should cut down on eating fish and chips for a while!!"

"Why am I getting so fat??"

Marty feels something moving around in his stomach

"What on earth ........"


mmm now he knows how Justine felt while he sat happily watching TV while she screamed the house down in labour.

"Where did that baby girl come from?  Justine is really not going to like this!!!!"

"What a strange looking baby!!"

Saphera phoned him up, to check on the baby.  Marty can be so thick sometimes!!!

"It's funny you should call me - I've got a green baby here with pointed ears and strange eyes - does it have something to do with you??."

"Are you coming to take this baby away my wife really doesn't like it!!"
"No Marty, you can bring her up, we are trying to populate the world with our kind and you are going to help me"
"OH NO!!! If you think I am having any more alien babies for you, you can think again - it hurt!!!"

Quite cute in an strange ugly kind of way - but then so are all of Marty's offspring.

Justin doesn't seem to mind that he has a strange green half alien sister, but Justine doesn't like the fact that her husband has had a child with another woman!!

Saphera comes again to check on her human/alien offspring.
She has plans for Marty.

And so do I!!


A future Clone challenge will more than likely have something to do with Alien offspring :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Clone 3 - Chapter 2


I am glad to see you are doing something useful
I am trying to teach Monday to talk but he is just looking at me like I'm mad.
It might be because he doesn't know you yet.

Marty made good use of the 7 toddlers being in a good mood at the start of their first day and learned Monday how to talk.

You know you do have 6 other children here - you haven't left Monday alone yet.
I can't do them all at once so I'm just concentrating on one at a time.
I feel sorry for that kid - he's got your high boney cheek bones and he is going to look just like you when he grows up!!
Are you trying to say I'm ugly?

A lot of the toddlers are working on their toy skills
(I'll total these up at the end or when they have all maxed them both)

You want to watch you don't scramble  her brains.
Do you ever stop nagging?  I'm sick of changing nappies already!!
Well if you potty trained them - you wouldn't have so many nappies to change would you!!
I don't have time with all the feeding and nappy changing
Well you need to find time or these children are not going to grow up very well!!

They are all starting to get hungy Marty
Yes I can hear the noise - I'm not bionic!!

Lots of smelly nappies and hungry toddlers - Marty is running around after them like a mad man.

After the feeding and nappy changing he started to put them all to bed autonomously because everyone is getting tired - especially himself.

OMG!!!  I am so tired I could pass out
Well don't!!

WOW!!!!  I'm impressed you managed to get all 7 to sleep at the same time!!  Not one of them passed out on the floor!!!

You are wasting your time cooking
Well I do need to eat!!!
There are microwave meals and other stuff you can just grab.

It's nice to see you can cook, but you have just wasted 3 hours that you could have used to sleep.

He collapsed on the couch for a nap rather than going to bed.


Sunday is the first one to wake up - Marty has had only 2 hours sleep.

Marty - Don't shout at him!!!
I've had no sleep!!
Well that's your own fault - not his!!  You were the one who wasted sleeping time cooking!!

All of the toddlers are starting to cry to be let out of their cots.

I'm potty training Monday and Tuesday at the same time.
Good you might free up some time to teach some of them to at least talk.

Smelly nappies everywhere again and why does Sunday constantly cry?
I don't know he does seem to be a bit of a grizzly one

I'm not sure I can do this .......

Oh Great!!!!  Marty wake up!!!!! 

(-5) for Marty passing out on the floor.

I need to sleep I'm going to call a baby sitter.
You're wasting your time Marty - they won't turn up!! 

autonomously phoning for a baby sitter - since when have they done that??!!
The baby sitter didnt turn up - they don't come to this island as there is only one house lot and no community lots or other houses here.

Your kids are screaming
They will have to wait I'm starving
You're wasting time again!!!

So you have finally found the coffee machine!!
Yes I need something to help me stay awake.

Time for the feeding nappy changing and putting to bed - all 7 of them are screaming the place down because he ate and drank coffee - I had to let him eat before he starved to death.

Great just Great!!!
Shut up!!!
You've gone and peed your pants like a child!!
Shut up!!!
You Stink!!

(-1) for Marty peeing himself

So you go to bed without taking a shower
I'm too exhausted - Buzz off and let me sleep!!

3am -  seven  - eight sleeping babies - Amazing!!!  Marty is doing a better job than I thought he would!!

End of Day two

+3 for each toddler skill learned (walk - talk - potty) = Monday
+1 for each toddler skill maxed (xylophone - logic block) =
-1 for everytime Marty pees himself =  (-1)
-5 for everytime Marty passes out on the floor = (-5)
-1 for every time a toddler passes out on the floor =
+ 3 for each toddler trait I am allowed to pick when they age up =
- 5 for every social worker warning notice =

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Clone 3 - Chapter 1

"Super Dad"

Marty is about to do the Sims 3 Toddler challenge. 
(Finally I get my backside into gear blush)
He is soooo going to love this challenge - NOT!!!!

If you have not seen the sims3 toddler challenge before details can be found  <<<HERE>>>


Hiya Marty, ready to become super dad??
You again - I might have known - I already don't like the look of this, just how many toddlers are here?
Seven and they are all yours!!
All seven of them have Marty genes - they are your offspring - you had the pleasure of creating them, now you get to look after them..

They can't be my kids!!
Oh they are I helped you make them myself.
Yeah - I bet you did!!  This can't be happening and whatever you have planned for me this time - forget it!!! -  I'm NOT doing it!!!
Oh come on - I've built you a lovely house on your own little island - you should be grateful, but if you're not happy - I could always send you back to Justine!!!

Silence - threaten him with that woman - and it gets him every time!!!

Would you like me to introduce your children to you?
If you must!!



his mother is Patches Swan
(Patches appeared in Clone 2)

Monday has the IF hidden trait


his mother is Octavia 
(Octavia appeared in Clone 1)

Tuesday is a vampire

his mother is Lilly Seacreast
(Lilly appeared in Clone 2)


 her mother is Coconut Rum Tartlet
(Coconut appeared in Clone 2)


her mother is Viola Sharpe
(Viola appeared in Clone 2)


her mother is Kandice Swan
(Kandice is from my S.W.A.N wishacy)

Saturday is a vampire


his mother is Bebe Hart
(Bebe is a Sunset Valley premade)


Phone their mothers - I can't look after all of these on my own!!
Sorry no can do - you are their Dad you need to take care of them.
Why did you name my children after the days of the week?
Well on Monday you visited Patches, Tuesday you visited Octavia, Wednesday ....
OK OK I get the picture!!!!
You know you should try and stop freaking out in front of your babies - you are scaring them!!

This one doesn't look anything like me!!
No, she's one of the  lucky ones, Thursday takes after her Mother more than you thankfully!!!.
Hey - what are you trying to say?!
Nothing.   (whistles a happy tune)

....... and what's going on with this one??  His eyes are like glass.
Tuesday is a vampire, and so is Saturday.
OH NO!!!  I don't know how to look after blood suckers - you need to get their mothers to come and collect them - this isn't happening!!
Oh yes it is happening - stop winging and get on with it!!

All the toddlers make a beeline for the xylophones and logic blocks and are all happily playing ..... for now!!

Well this is easier than I thought!!!
Don't kid yourself, it hasn't even started yet - boy are you in for a surprise!!!  You might want to try counting them Marty - there is only 6 here you have lost one already!!!
Which one is missing?
Monday - you have left him outside!!!  Great start!!!

He's stopped crying, he's fine now - look.
Yeah, no thanks to you!
What is that thing he's playing with?
Its an IF doll - they all have one - quite funny really because Monday has the IF hidden trait - his Mom used to be one of those dolls and when Monday grows up he will be able to turn into one.
What!?  You're bonkers!!  Two vampires and a doll is there anything else you need to tell me about these kids.
No that's about it I think ....... except I think one of them has filled their nappy!!

Man that stinks!!!!
You had better get used to that smell, soon you are will have 7 smelly children and it is going to get very stinky around here - including you!!
I never stink - I keep myself very clean thank you!!
Remind me of that in a few days time, by then you should be stinking to high heaven!!!

What do you think you're doing?
Working out - what does it look like!!
You need to stop that - you haven't got time for that and its just a waste of energy - you are going to need every ounce of energy you have to look after those 7 kids of yours - if you think you getting a regular nights sleep from now on, you are sadly mistaken.
You know I want to be a Superstar Athlete - I need to workout.
Not in this life you don't!!  In this life you want to be surrounded by children - so you need to get them safely to teen age.

Maybe I should tell you something.  Don't think you can just leave them there to look after themselves, you have to bring them up properly - all of them - they need to be taught things before they become children.
What things?
You need to teach them to walk and talk, they need to be potty trained too, as well as feeding them, keeping them in clean nappies and putting them to bed before they collapse on the carpet.  It would also be nice for them to max their xylophone and logic block skills.
You don't want much do you!!!  And I am supposed to do this all on my own?
Yes - that's the idea.
This sucks!!!!!!

Lets just hope you don't suck at being a Dad!!!!!


The scoring I will be working with

+3 for each toddler skill learned (walk - talk - potty)
+1 for each toddler skill maxed (xylophone - logic block)
-1 for everytime Marty pees himself
-5 for everytime Marty passes out on the floor
-1 for every time a toddler passes out on the floor
+ 3 for each toddler trait I am allowed to pick when they age up
- 5 for every social worker warning notice

I will leave most of the scoring until the end (skills learned and maxed)
Marty will not have the help of a baby sitter or maid because they are on asylum island a world I built that is totally deserted - it has one house lot (Marty's) and nothing else.  Maids, baby sitters, pizza delivery do not come to the island when called.  The repo man will not come either if the bills are not paid - but the social worker WILL come if any of the toddlers are neglected.

The game gave all the toddlers IF dolls - I did think about taking these off them but as Marty has to do this TOTALLY ALONE (no babysitter) I left the dolls as compensation.


The house I built for this challenge - also Marty and his 7 offspring 
will be available to download off the exchange shortly if you would like to try this challenge for yourself.


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