Introducing Marty

Like this man really needs any introduction I am sure you have seen this ugly mug before wandering around Sunset Valley.  He is an EA made Sim who came with the very first Sims3 and I have to say he is very underrated, overlooked and my favourite Sim ever.

Marty starts off his life in Sunset Valley, newly married to the equally ugly and hotheaded Justine who is pregnant with their first child.  The pregnancy if left alone usually produces and little boy who is clumsy and a couch potato, quite the opposite of his Dad.

Athletic - Neurotic - Loves the Outdoors - Friendly - Great Kisser


Super Star Athlete


Indie music - Fish and Chips - the colour yellow



Marty's clones will always keep all of the above traits unless I need to change any of his traits for specific challenges for example the asylum challenge
His Life Time Wish will be changed for each clone - depending on the life I want him to live.