Sunday, 28 July 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 2


First Housemate = Spring O'leary
Traits = Neat - Hates Outdoors - Natural Cook - Couch Potato - Virtuoso
Works at the Grocery store.


So how are you and Spring getting along?
Not very well - we have traits that clash and she is annoying - very annoying!!  I don't think I'm going to be able to live with her!!!
Great start Marty!! Why did I know you were going to try and be awkward!!
Maybe I should just wait for the next housemate to come along!!
Oh no - no picking and choosing - she looks okay to me what is wrong with her exactly??

She's a couch potato and she hates the outdoors for a start - she's a lazy hermit!!  All she ever does is sits and watches TV,eats and sleeps, you know I'm athletic and love the outdoors!!
Oh well it's a good job you don't have to live with her forever then isn't it!!  The quicker you get it done, the quicker she will be moving out - so you are going to have to make an effort to get to know her quickly.
What about if I don't want a have child with her?

Why are you just leaving your salad?
There is a puddle - Did she just pee herself??!!
No she just fell into the wishing well trying to steal coins, she's soaked!!
I need to clean it up - I don't like puddles
Yeah I remember - you think the tiniest spillage of water is a flood - you be careful you don't down in it!!!
You think you are funny making fun of me all the time don't you!!

Do you see what I mean about her being annoying - she's now leaving puddles of water all around the house, she is meant to have the neat trait but she never does any cleaning!!
I swear your parents must have both been maids and you have a hidden trait lurking somewhere, you are more obsessed with cleaning than anyone I've known with the neat trait!!!
It's because I'm Neurotic or have you forgotten??!!

Trying to pluck up the courage to do the dirty deed??
No, why?
That's the third time you have brushed your teeth now!!
I'm waiting for her to finish eating - OKAY!! then I''ll do what you want just to shut you up!!

(twice because there were no baby chimes - either time)

What are you giggling at?? I hope you weren't watching!!
You two must have really enjoyed that experience - without a word she runs off to watch TV and you start with your neurotic cleaning, and I can see the look on your face and what you are thinking remember!!
Shut up!!!

What is Spring doing now - is she writing a book?
Don't make me laugh - writing a book takes effort - I doubt she'll be there for long - she might miss one of those stupid tv programs she watches continuously.
She went to work today didn't she!?
Oh yeah - if that's was she was doing at the grocery store over the road earlier - but she was only actually away for 3 hours - if that's what you call work.

Is it you or Spring who is responsible for this stupid plastic dancing flower?
Me and its not as silly as it looks, it will help your plants grow a lot quicker - and your kids will love it when you eventually get any.
Isn't she pregnant yet?
I haven't seen any signs of it yet - you might have to try again.
Oh Great!!  I hope you know I'm not enjoying this!! 

(After third attempt at try for baby)

I knew this would happen - this is all your fault!!
What have I done now?
She's started stalking me - I think it's given her the wrong idea - she keeps following me around and she's even tried flirting with me a few times!!
LOL - well that will teach you not to get the job done first time!!!
That's not even funny!!

(The next morning)

You'll be pleased to know Spring is throwing up - it looks like she might be pregnant.

Yeah and guess who is having to clean up the mess she is making!!  Me!!

There are a lot of big sharks in this well that are earning me quite a lot of money!!
You are spending way too much time out here fishing if you are catching fish that big already!!
I like fishing.
You like avoiding Spring more like!!

Marty = "Do you ever do anything other than sit on your fat arse watching TV??  Maybe you could try helping me out once in a while by doing some cooking and housework!!!"
Spring =  "I pay rent don't I!!"
Marty =  "Yeah which probably doesn't even cover the electricity bill that you are running up watching TV!!"
Spring = "Marty you're getting on my nerves, you need to try chilling out once in a while"
Marty = "I might get time too chill out if you helped out a little more!!"
Spring =  "I have to take it easy now that I'm pregnant."
Marty = "So what was your excuse before - you're a lazy slob!!  I just hope my kid doesn't turn out like you!!!"

Marty storms off outside in a mood

You should try and make an effort to be nicer to her - you don't want her running off with your baby do you, because you are really being mean to her at the moment!!
Have you tried to have a conversation with her - all she talks about is the TV programs she's been watching - especially the cooking ones, she has literally NOTHING else to talk about!!  Why watch the cooking programs - its not like she ever cooks anything.  She never cleans up after herself and if I ask her too she just has a go at me - I'm being no meaner to her than she is to me!!
I can see you are not even friends anymore but still it wouldn't hurt you to be nice until the baby has arrived!!

Oh no - you and painting don't really go together!!
It's raining so I thought I would find something to do inside, as Spring is too busy watching TV to even have a conversation with me - I am trying to be nice but she is just blanking me.

$2 he sold that painting for

Baby number one is well on its way

I am actually surprised she lets you do that!!
She has no choice it's my baby too!!  Besides shes started going all stupid on me again, following me around, getting silly ideas.

That looks very cosy!!
She won't stop flirting with me!!
Well you two are having a baby together I suppose she thinks ......
Well she can forget it - besides you said I'm not allowed remember!!

Fudge!! Now I've done it!!!
Yeah - you have just cooked Spring her favourite meal, very thoughtful of you!!
It was a total accident - the last thing I want to do is encourage her anymore!!

You are being a little neurotic keep rubbing the baby bump all the time.
I know, I'm getting excited,  I can't wait for my little girl to arrive now.
Who said it's a girl? It could be a boy you know!!
I hope it is I want a girl and I think I might pop to the library because I want to read a pregnancy book.

Marty I think its a little too late to be reading pregnancy books!! 

OMG!!  I don't know what to do - I need to get her to the hospital!!!
There is no hospital in this town remember!! 
Great!!  Just Great!!

BABY NUMBER ONE is a boy the game called him Danial
his traits are Loner and Loves the Outdoors.

I think you might need to go and sort Danial out - he's screaming the house down.
What is Spring doing? No let me guess she's tooooo busy watching TV
Yeah she is not a very good Mother is she?

I might have known, how can she just sit there and watch the TV with all this racket going on?? She's not even bothered that he is screaming the house down!!
I did notice she hasn't been anywhere near Danial since he arrived.
I've done everything as usual, is there any point her being here anymore?
No you can evict her any time you want to.

Good - because I think it's time she left!!


Baby number One = Danial


The housemate system is very strange - I didn't  hear any baby chimes when Spring become pregnant so I'm not too sure which of the three attempts at try for a baby actually worked - the game doesn't zoom in on them when they spin into maternity clothes - it doesn't even tell you when the baby is coming - you don't get any memory pop ups, overhead skill bars or anything for the housemate - and its very weird playing completely blind - i cant check on her actions, needs or wishes to see what she is up to I have to keep guessing.  This is definitely going to keep me on my toes!!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 1




Nice shoebox!!
Yeah, it's your shoebox - I'm glad you like it!!
I was being sarcastic - please tell me you don't expect me to live there!!
Stop moaning - you've had worse .... a lot worse!!!

What is wrong with you now!!??
I don't like this bench!!  I keep having horrible dreams about being homeless and sleeping on a bench just like this one!!
(Giggles because its not actually a dream)
Marty that bench is the least of your worries right now!!
Yeah - I can imagine YOU are - I guess there is something nasty coming my way again!!  So come on - what have you got me doing this time???

I want you to have some children and grandchildren for me.
That doesn't sound too bad - so I can get married and have a family and live a normal life for a change?
Not exactly - you definitely can't get married until after you have given me all the children and grandchildren that I want.
I should have known it was too good to be true and that there would be a catch!!  How many children are we talking about anyway?
I want you to have 100 children ......
100 children and 30 grandchildren to be precise!! 
Are you mad??!!  What are you trying to do kill me off - more to the point how do you expect one woman to have 100 babies?!

It's not going to be just one woman - in fact - its going to be a lot of different women, one woman one pregnancy, if you are lucky you might get some twins or triplets sometimes.
Yeah right!!!  Like I'm a hunk who has lots of women throwing themselves at me everyday!!!  I have trouble finding one women how do you expect me to find lots of them?
You don't need to worry about that -  you will be getting a constant stream of female housemates, I'll supply the victims women all you have to do is supply the babies.
Why did you just call them victims?
Because contrary to what they might think, you wont be falling in love with them or getting married to them, they will only be staying long enough to give you a baby, then you will be kicking them out and keeping the baby.
Charming - I don't know how you sleep at night!!!
You are the one who is going to be having the sleepless nights - lots of babies crying!!

So now you have had a look around, its not quite the shoebox you thought is it?!
I suppose, but if you think I'm getting 100 children in this house, you're off your head!!
You have a lot of empty land on this lot so you can extend and build yourself a bigger and better house  - once you've earned some money of course.
Yes I need to get a job, I notice you haven't given me much money again, where is the sports stadium in this town?

There isn't a sports stadium in this town - and you can't get yourself a job anyway - You will need to stay at home and be a full time Dad.
Great!!  So where is the money coming from?
You have to earn your money by fishing - gardening - writing - painting - busking - anyway you can find to earn money without being employed.
I don't think I want to hear anymore - do you always set out on purpose to give me a shit life!!?? 
Everyone else only gets one life - so why are you even complaining?!

So are you just going to sit sulking for the rest of day watching TV - when you could be out doing something useful - like making a start on earning some money?
No actually, I am doing something useful,  I'm watching a fishing program, learning how to fish - not that I know where to fish in this town!!
I'll put you a pond in the garden, after all you won't be able to wander too far once the babies start arriving will you. Maybe you should go and have a wander around the town now while you have the chance.

Now what are you doing - you look shifty?
I'm looking for some seeds to plant but they don't seem to have any.
No they won't they sell fruit and veg - not seeds.
So how do I start off my garden?
You can plant the fruit and veg and they will grow the same as seeds but maybe you should read some gardening books at the library first.

Well this is just great!!!   Out of all that fruit and veg I bought - I can only plant one tomato!!
Well I did tell you to read a gardening book first!!
This is ridiculous, it would be much easier just to let me get a job!!
No!!  You can't afford to pay a baby sitter everyday anyway!!

Where did this wishing well come from?
Its that pond I promised you - I thought we would cheat a little - it will save you running around town trying to find different types of fish - you can catch everything from out of that well.
That's handy as I'd much rather be doing fishing than gardening - it quite nice.
Finally something you haven't moaned at!!!

I don't like you out fishing this late - its getting close to midnight - you are a sitting duck for the aliens to come and snatch you away.
Aliens - do you really believe in all that rubbish!!
Yes - trust me they love abducting you!!
I worry about your sanity sometimes - I've never been abducted by aliens!!
Not in this life ... yet... but no doubt it will happen soon enough!!!

That fish is just pathetic!!
Are you sure there are lots of different types of fish in here because all I've caught so far is 6 of these tiny little things. 
You need to sleep you're first victim arrives at 9am in the morning and I'm kind of bored sitting here watching you fish indefinitely  

Look at this - a treasure chest!!
I wouldn't get too excited!!

A worthless gnome!!

Told you!!

You are up and out early!!  Excited about today?
No I'm not!!!  I'm just popping into the grocery store to sell the fish I caught last night.
Those little tiddly things are not going to make you rich quick!!
Ha! ha!

Why are you chasing that horse?
I'm trying to watch it and pet it but it keeps running off - I like horses
You can get that thought right out of your head - you are definitely not having one!!!
Spoil sport!!

Why is there a strange woman sitting on my couch?
She is your first victim housemate, she arrived while you were chasing that horse around the streets.
You mean ...... I've got to ........ with her??!!
Yes, I'm not asking you to fall in love with her, in fact I don't want you falling in love with any of them,  you just have to ....... well, you know!!

Yeah that's what worries me!!!


Clone 4 - How Many Children!!??


I have just started playing a new file with Marty and thought I should blog it for a change - as I'm hoping this one will keep me amused for quite a while.  I play with Marty constantly and there is so much that I don't blog!!!

This will be starting off firstly with the purpose of me doing the 30 grandchildren badge.  So Marty is just going to keep having children  - so that when his offspring have grown up they can move out so that Story Progression can work on his 30 grandchildren. (I have put NRass SP Mod back into my game to help with the grandchildren).

While I'm waiting for the grandchildren to arrive - there has to be a purpose for this game so Secondly as I have always wanted to do a 100 baby challenge - I am hoping to do this too, but may just stop when I've achieved the 30 grandchildren - it just depends on how close I am to the 100 babies and how bored I am. 

But I'm not going to make his life (or mine) easy!!!!  Trying to stick to 100 baby challenge rules as much as possible - he will not be getting married and all the baby Mommy's will be different women.  One pregnancy per woman.   I will be using the housemate system to provide the babies Mommy's - he will have one female housemate living with him at a time - once she has provided him with offspring, she will be dismissed - the system will automatically move in a new female housemate at 9am the following morning - the next baby Mom.  As the female are going to be housemates I have totally no control over them at all (they appear on the portrait panel but you can't control them) so they are going to be very unpredictable and should be quite entertaining.  The game gives the baby its first two traits and name - I have totally no control over the baby until it is born and becomes a controllable member of the household.

The only thing I am not sure about is if the game will send me a new housemate after there are more than 8 sims living in the house - I won't know until I get there - so for this reason I'm turning down the lifespan of of the offspring (BABYS I'll age up after 1 day - TODDLERS 5 days CHILDREN 5 days TEENS 5 days - as soon as the child becomes a young adult they will be moved out into town.)

He will be moving into a small house in an emptyish town that only has a park - school - library - Town Hall / Military / Police - grocery store - book shop and cemetery.
He will not be getting a job other than a self employed one that he can do at home (because he will be busy raising all of his babies)  Marty will be living off gardening, fishing, painting, writing etc.   I'll be following Marty's wishes for the most part and building the town up as it goes along.  He will be getting fertility treatment reward as soon as I can get it for him.

This may be a little long winded and I wouldn't be surprised if I fail (this is my third attempt at doing the 30 grandchildren badge, however, both attempts before were done WITHOUT the NRass SP mod)  So I may do other Clones stuff in between.

First chapter will be along shortly.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Disposing of Justine

I put this on my randomness blog ages ago (in April 2012) and meant to post it here too - so here it is.

Since I first got sims 3 and started obsessing over  Marty Keaton  the first thing I usually do when I enter Sunset Valley is dispose of Justine, once she has had the baby of course.

I seriously don't like the woman and over time I have found many ways to dispose of her from setting her on fire, locking her in a room till she starves, drowning her in the swimming pool etc but the latest way has to be the best!!

The usual scene on entering their home - you can see the friction between them.
Why he married this woman I will never know!!
Yet another EA fail!!!!

 Then there is the usual bust up - she is such a miserable cow and so cruel to Marty!!
That baby could only have been made by artificial insemination

Meet Daisy, the new family pet.  Marty being the outdoor type of guy decided he wanted a cow plant, not a cat or dog like everyone else.
See - there is already more love between Marty and the cow than there is between him and his wife!!

Justine had to irritate me by keep feeding Daisy.
Daisy has morals, she does not eat pregnant women or children.

Go on Justine you keep on teasing Daisy
Once you have had that baby you are going to know about it!!!

I ended up building a fence to keep the two mad cows apart.  It took nearly a sim week for Daisy to get hungry and Justine could not resist cake!!

haaa!! Sucker!!!

Daisy seemed a little hesitant about eating Justine at first, she kept sniffing her.

Now you see her.

Now you dont!!

Then Daisy started gagging.
and spat Justine out .....DAMN!!!!
Obviously Daisy thinks she is as disgusting as I do!!

Three times Daisy spat Justine out!!!
I warned her - she would not be fed again until she had eaten Justine.

Milk anyone???

Marty did get a little upset.

But he soon got over it and even rewarded Daisy for being such a good cow.

R.I.P. Justine
You wont be missed.


I am not always so cruel - it is just that woman!!!! 
Now since the release of Supernatural / Seasons / University and Island Paradise there are many more ways of sim disposing available to me (evil grin) 
so don't be surprised if you see more Disposing of Justine threads!!