Sunday, 30 October 2011

A little distraction!!!

While I am finishing writing up Clone 2 chapters I thought I would have a little fun with the 7 toddlers that are coming with Clone 3 the Toddler Mania Challenge.

I have made the 7 toddlers - in cas using Mom and Dads Genetics
their mothers are existing sims that you might know
Soooooooo can you guess who the mothers are??

The Toddlers are HERE

Have fun!!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 18

Since Milo became a toddler Lex has been paying a lot more attention to him.
Its a shame I noticed that Lilly doesn't go anywhere neare her son!!
She never goes near him and treats him like he doesn't exist.

What did you say to him?
I just suggested that maybe he could start to teach Milo how to talk.

Is he going to?
I don't know he just looked at me with that blank look of his so I doubt it.
What is he doing with him now?
Feeding him outside

He looks tired
He is, I have just had to fetch him from outside because Lex must have forgotten he had taken him out there, he just wandered off and left him outside.

Are you not at work today?
Not its my day off, remember I only work three days a week now. I have a lot to do today!!
Like what?
Housework, gardening and I need to make a start on teaching Milo how to talk and use the potty chair.
Aren't Lex or Lilly going to do it?
It doesn't look like it does it!!

I noticed Dad is watching you teach Milo to talk.
He should be doing this not me.
So how is it going?
This kid is actually quite bright, he is learning really fast - I am shocked, I think he might just turn out to be a normal kid.

Lilly has come to watch too.
That does surprise me as far as I know she has only touched Milo twice since he was born, Viola has paid him a lot more attention than she has.  Actually I really wouldn't be surprised if it is actually Lex who she is here for not Milo,
Actually you are probably right there as it is Lex she is watching not you and Milo.

The talking is done!!
That did not take long!!
No I told you, he is quite a clever kid, and its great because I now have someone to have an intelligent conversation with, even if he is a toddler!!

Rocky just proved my point - he is talking about Milo's toy rockets blowing up the house!!!

Milo loves watching the TV doesn't he!!
He is jabering away and Lex and Lilly can't take their eyes off him.

They don't have a clue do they!!??
No, they will just sit there and let him cry.
So you put him to bed.
Yes, well they won't!!

I hate workdays - I hate leaving him alone with this lot!!!
Don't worry I am here watching him.
I make sure he is out of his crib and fed and diaper changed before I go to work, but I still worry.

He is actually fine he keeps himself amused whatching tv mostly and sits nattering to whoever is watching the tv with him and he plays with his logic block too.

He spent half of the day  having a conversation with Liam

Lex also spent quite a lot of time talking to his son today.
What about Lilly?
No, she didn't go anywhere near him, she doesn't even acknowledge him, unfortunately.

See he is happy and safe!!
I struggle at work worrying about Milo.
Well you don't need to worry he is fine and he is actually becoming good friends with his Dad.
Well at least that's something I suppose!!

Isn't he tired?
Not really, I thought I would make a start on his walking before I put him to bed.

I see Mom has come to watch.
No she is eating and she isn't watching me and Milo, she is too busy talking to Lex.

This kid is a genius - he is picking up learning to walk double speed!!
You know Lex used to be a genius once - you wouldnt think it now would you!!!
He is getting tired isn't he

Yes I am going to put him to bed now.
Reading him to sleep that's cute!!

Marty are you reading that book for yourself because Milo fell asleep ages ago!!

Chapter 19

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 17

The house mates really are not taking that much notice of Milo are they?
Not really - but as he has just started to cry Liam is looking curiously

Liam is actuallly the first one to pick him up.
I am so nervous of what they might do to him!!
They might be insane but they are not monsters so I doubt they would hurt him!!

After he has fed Milo he started to cry again, I don't think he has a clue what to do with him next.
His nappy needs changing, thankfully Liam just put him back in the crib.
See I told you he wouldn't hurt him and he placed him back into the crib really carefully!!

Lex and Lilly have not been near the baby yet have they.
No, I see they are too busy wrapped up in themselves as normal.
I think Lex has gone a little soft in the head since the pregnancy happened, his thoughts are very out of character with his commitment issues.

Oh finally Lex has just gone and picked up the baby.
He was asleep.
Yeah I know Lex just woke him up but Milo is not crying.  He just held the baby for a little bit them put him back in his crib.

Lilly came out and started helping me with the garden.
She hasn't been near the baby since she plonked him on the floor, I am worried the poor kid will start thinking you are his Dad!!
I feel sorry for the poor kid full stop, having to grow up in this place with me and 7 looney tunes!!!
Eight looney tunes!!
Excuse me I have proved I am not one - thank you very much!!!!
You are still here by choice when you had the chance of freedom - that proves your mad!!!

Now Lex has come out to join me and Lilly with the garden.
They are a mad pair always doing things together, but they hardly speak to each other!!
I noticed that and they don't really speak to any of the others either.

Why do I get the feeling they are trying to tell me something!!??
They are acting a little strangely, they keep looking at each other then watching you.
The baby is crying.

He needed feeding
I think Lilly wants the baby you should put him down so she can pick him up, you need to encourage her to look after the baby.

Marty she has just plonked him on the kitchen floor.
At least Liam and Lex put Milo back in his crib, she doesn't seem to have a clue what to do with him!!

I am going to leave him while I wash up this plate, to see if she puts him in the crib.
No Viola has picked him up, Lilly is now cooking.

Viola has put him back in the crib even though he is crying.
From the smell I would say he needs his nappy changing.

It is just a good job I am only working 3 days in the week - it definately looks like I am the one that is going to be looking after this baby full time!!
How are you going to manage it on your work days?
Feed and change him before I go and just pray they don't hurt him and he sleeps till I get home, I am only away 6 hours but still it is going to worry the hell out of me!!

Patches is out and asking your house mates for a cell phone picture!!!!

I know she actually distracted Liam away from having a go at me!!
What was all that about anyway?
I asked him to stop hanging around in the hallway and peeing himself by Milo's crib and he just started having a go at me and told me I was insane.

As soon as Patches floated through the wall he stopped yelling at me  and turned his attention to patches instead, she stood for a few minutes just looking at us.

As soon as she turned her back to us and started to float towards the bathroom he quickly ran after her and sneaked up behind her and scared her half to death!!
How do you scare a ghost half to death when they are already dead??
Oh you know what I mean, stop trying to be funny!!
So did she jump out of her skin when Liam scared her
Ha! ha! very funny!!

You know why she was going to the bathroom don't you!!
A shower maybe she stunk a little.
No Rocky was in there, he walked out and jumped a mile, I thought he was going to do a runner but he didn't.

Is he crying?
I think so he seemed to get pretty upset when he saw her.

Synchronised madness - what on earth are they doing??
I don't have a clue why they are both holding their heads like that!!!

Surely you must know what that means, she is thinking about Rocky and rubbing her hand down her face!!??
No, sorry - that's a new one on me.
Its kind of upsetting he looks a little bewildered and she looks like she is upset that she is a ghost.  But it is pretty obvious that the only thing she is interested in when she is out and about is Rocky.

There she goes with the face rubbing thing again!!

I think Patches ghosts confuses him and I think the way she keeps vanishing on him confuses him even more!!

Well, thankfully they didn't wake Milo up!!

I made a booboo before Milo was born I should have changed the age options.  I have a baby set on 2 days for my wishacy and really should have had Milo as a baby for a lot longer in the house. When I thought about it I did adjust the time but it didn't work he still aged up on his second day in the house.  that is why the baby time is really short :( sorry!!!

Milo can be downloaded from the sims 3 forum exchange HERE