Friday, 21 December 2012

Clone 3 - Chapter 3


Wednesday is the first to wake up.

Grabbing cereal - he's learning slowly!!

Shush big mouth!!  I'm coming as quick as I can!!!

I'm not sure what stinks more - you or that full potty!!

That's Monday potty trained - well done!!
Yes - one less nappy to change!!

Wednesday doesn't look too happy to be sat on that potty!!
He isn't, I've just had a right fight with him
Another one with your boney cheek bones and pout!!
Shut up!!!

Stinky little monsters!!!
That's no way to talk about your kids Marty, and have you smelt yourself!!?? 
I wish I had time to take a shower!!
There is a lot of toxic green smoke coming from those pits of yours!!

He managed to grab a juice after a quick shower while the toddlers are happily playing.

and a quick nap on the sofa .......

... which was short lived as Marty was woken up by a screaming Saturday

A spooky full moon which unnerved most of the toddlers including Marty
Only the two vampire toddlers were not spooked by the full moon.

Monday using the potty all on his own - too cute!!

Tuesday is also now potty trained and he's hanging out with his other potty trained sibling by the potty's - I found this funny!!

I'm exhausted!!!
You only have one more dirty nappy to change and one toddler to put to bed.
I don't think I'm going to make it!!

End of Day Three

All eight sleeping babies again (and he managed it without passing out) - lets hope he can keep this routine going!!!


Wednesday is the first one to start screaming the place down in the morning.

Wednesday is the first to wake me up again!!!
Yes I noticed he doesn't seem to need a lot of sleep, he's not the first to bed but he's the first one to wake.

Juice again?
It's all I have time for
Finally - you get it!!!

While the rest of the toddlers are still sleeping he manages to feed himself and Wednesday and make a start on his potty training.

Maybe if you emptied those potties a little more often you wouldn't have so many puddles to clean up!!!
How many pairs of hands do you think I have??!!

 Thursday and Friday begin their potty training.

Silence - all 7 happily fed and have clean nappies - no crying.

One exhausted and stinky Marty takes the chance to have a soak

but the silence never lasts long - a few of the toddlers have started to get hungry.


(-5) for Marty passing out on the floor

Hurry up before you pass out again and get all those toddlers to bed before they start passing out too!!!
Stop nagging!!!

Marty managed to get all the toddlers to bed and himself without any more passing out - but its virtually the next morning - their body clocks are all out of sink with time.

End of Day Four


+3 for each toddler skill learned (walk - talk - potty) = Monday - Monday / Tuesday
+1 for each toddler skill maxed (xylophone - logic block) =
-1 for everytime Marty pees himself =  (-1)
-5 for everytime Marty passes out on the floor = (-5) (-5)
-1 for every time a toddler passes out on the floor =
+ 3 for each toddler trait I am allowed to pick when they age up =
- 5 for every social worker warning notice =


  1. Good God! What a dreadful life for Marty!

    1. lol - I am a little too mean to him sometimes. :/

  2. LOL Poor Marty. He's in the seventh circle of Hell. LOL