Sunday, 18 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 1

The Beginning

So Marty Keaton are you ready for your second shot at life
Are you talking to me?
Well your name is Marty Keaton isn't it so, obviously I am talking to you!!
What are you on about my second shot at life?
You have already lived your life once, not a very interesting one I might add, now I am here to let you live your life over and if you do what I ask, you can have many more interesting lives a head of you.
So who are you God??
No - lets just say I am your guardian angel - your task master if you like.
Task master, I don't like the sound of that!!
It is pretty simple, each life I give you will come with a task or  "goal"  - I'll tell you what sort of life to live and you go and live it - if you complete the task I set you and complete your "goal", then you get to live another life - basically behave and you could live on forever.
And what if I don't want to play this "game" of your?
Then don't I can always find another sim that I am sure would be willing to be a clone, but you are my first choice and there are others waiting in line that could quite easily take your place!!

So are you in or not?
I suppose its worth a try but what happens if I fail these tasks you set me?
It depends if you are just being downright awkward because you don't like the life I have set you, and if that is the case then that's it, it is  game over for you and I'll move onto another sim - but if you fail because you die accidentally or I can see you did at least try to do your life task then I am not so unreasonable I will give you another shot at life.
Will I remember these lives your are going to give me?
You might remember some bits but not a lot - like your last life, instinctively you made your way here, this was your home in your past life, but it won't be your home in this life, for this life you will be living somewhere else.
Tell me about my past life.
Ok, but I don't want to make a habit of this every time you start a new life, just this once I will tell you about your last life.  You were married to a fairly unattractive hot headed woman called Justine, who worked in law enforcement.  Together you had one useless son who was a clumsy couch potato that spent his whole life sat on the couch watching tv and never got off it long enough to even get himself a job.  You were a pretty friendly and well liked guy and you had a sports career, your lifetime wish was to become a Superstar Athlete which you didn't even get half way to achieving, you lived a fairly decent life and died of old age.
Sounds like a bit of a fail to me!!
An epic fail at life I would say - so are you ready to start over and hopefully do a better job this time - any more questions before I tell you what  I want you to do in this life ?
Just one - I am allowed a love life I take it!!
Yes you can have a love life, wives and children at any time you want to  just as long as it does not interfere with your life task, some of your lives might even be specifically aimed at your love life.
Oh, one more thing I have to say, I will be watching the wishes you roll closely, and if they are practical I will try to help you fulfil them.
Ok that sounds fair, so where will I be living.
Next door to your old home actually.
What that nice big house there?!
No, unfortunately not - your living the other side

What is this place?
It is an old park that is no longer used any more?
You are going to build me a house right?!
No Marty - the whole point of this life is that you are homeless.
HOMELESS - Please tell me you are joking!!
No I am afraid not.
Great - and you said I could improve on my first life!!
You haven't heard what you have to do yet - its not so bad.
You recon, your not the one who is homeless!!
Listen - you will start off homeless and because you technically do not have an address you can not seek employment, so to live and make money you will have to live off the land so to speak.  Fishing, Gardening and Collecting are going to be a big part of your life from now on for food and money.  Any money you do make you can ONLY spend on food, you CAN NOT buy yourself necessities or luxuries to improve your quality of life.
This sounds awful!!
Let me finish!!  Your Lifetime wish is to be swimming in cash and to achieve it you need $50,000 in your family fund.  So until you have achieve your lifetime wish you will remain homeless and when you have your $50,000 and have achieved your lifetime wish you can then buy yourself a house and live out the rest of this life however you want to without me interfering.
How on earth am I gong to earn $50,000 without a steady job.
I have told you selling fish, selling fruit and veg, selling rocks, gems and insects, actually there are quite a lot of ways to gain money, WITHOUT stealing you just need to learn to be creative!!!!

Hang on, I need a cooker, a fridge, a bathroom, a bed I need a lot of things and I can't live without them!!
Sorry Marty you are homeless and you can live without them all you need to do is improvise a little and you will survive!!  Let me show you what you have got.
Absolutely nothing that's what I have got!!
You will be surprised, first off your lucky I found you this place because you do have a few perks already.
Where because I can not see any!!
As this used to be a park there is a toilet and sink down those steps there, you have a pond full of fish and because I am not completely heartless you also have a sleeping bag and a pit fire.
A sleeping bag and a pit fire??!!
Your bed and cooker.
So are you ready?
Do I have a choice?
Not really - good luck!!
Yeah, I think I am going to need it!!

Homeless Marty

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  1. From homeless to swimming in cash. Marty has his work cut out for him.

    Good luck and have fun.

  2. he certainly has :) thank you and I will have lots of fun - i hope :)

  3. He looks very unhappy about his current living conditions.

  4. lol - I think I would be too :)

  5. LOL. So the clone challenge... I think this is the first story I've ever seen about it. It should be interesting to read about. =D

  6. This is my first read of a clone challenge, looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see what poor Marty has to go through!

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