Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Abducted by Aliens

Just a little distraction from the toddler challenge.
I can't leave Marty alone for a minute - he is always getting himself into trouble!!!

~ Abducted by Aliens ~

Marty is minding his own business catching fireflies outside the elixir store when he noticed some strange lights coming from out of the sky.

"What on earth is that?!"

Marty tries to run to get away from the beam of light shining down on him

"OMG - help - Its coming to get me"

Up it sucks him into the U.F.O

"This is not going to be good!!"

The next thing he remembers he is stood on the pavement with an "Alien"

"My name is Saphera, I'll be seeing you again soon Marty"
"Not if I can help it you won't!!"

Saphera gets into her space machine and vanishes.

Dazed and sore Marty feels like he has been poked and prodded but can not remember a thing.

Some time later he starts feeling fat - he's suddenly got a lot of unexpected weight gain - which doesn't really make much sense to him when he is continuously working out for his job.

"Maybe I should cut down on eating fish and chips for a while!!"

"Why am I getting so fat??"

Marty feels something moving around in his stomach

"What on earth ........"


mmm now he knows how Justine felt while he sat happily watching TV while she screamed the house down in labour.

"Where did that baby girl come from?  Justine is really not going to like this!!!!"

"What a strange looking baby!!"

Saphera phoned him up, to check on the baby.  Marty can be so thick sometimes!!!

"It's funny you should call me - I've got a green baby here with pointed ears and strange eyes - does it have something to do with you??."

"Are you coming to take this baby away my wife really doesn't like it!!"
"No Marty, you can bring her up, we are trying to populate the world with our kind and you are going to help me"
"OH NO!!! If you think I am having any more alien babies for you, you can think again - it hurt!!!"

Quite cute in an strange ugly kind of way - but then so are all of Marty's offspring.

Justin doesn't seem to mind that he has a strange green half alien sister, but Justine doesn't like the fact that her husband has had a child with another woman!!

Saphera comes again to check on her human/alien offspring.
She has plans for Marty.

And so do I!!


A future Clone challenge will more than likely have something to do with Alien offspring :)

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  1. LMAO!! As if he hasn't endured enough torture