Thursday, 15 November 2012

Clone 3 - Chapter 2


I am glad to see you are doing something useful
I am trying to teach Monday to talk but he is just looking at me like I'm mad.
It might be because he doesn't know you yet.

Marty made good use of the 7 toddlers being in a good mood at the start of their first day and learned Monday how to talk.

You know you do have 6 other children here - you haven't left Monday alone yet.
I can't do them all at once so I'm just concentrating on one at a time.
I feel sorry for that kid - he's got your high boney cheek bones and he is going to look just like you when he grows up!!
Are you trying to say I'm ugly?

A lot of the toddlers are working on their toy skills
(I'll total these up at the end or when they have all maxed them both)

You want to watch you don't scramble  her brains.
Do you ever stop nagging?  I'm sick of changing nappies already!!
Well if you potty trained them - you wouldn't have so many nappies to change would you!!
I don't have time with all the feeding and nappy changing
Well you need to find time or these children are not going to grow up very well!!

They are all starting to get hungy Marty
Yes I can hear the noise - I'm not bionic!!

Lots of smelly nappies and hungry toddlers - Marty is running around after them like a mad man.

After the feeding and nappy changing he started to put them all to bed autonomously because everyone is getting tired - especially himself.

OMG!!!  I am so tired I could pass out
Well don't!!

WOW!!!!  I'm impressed you managed to get all 7 to sleep at the same time!!  Not one of them passed out on the floor!!!

You are wasting your time cooking
Well I do need to eat!!!
There are microwave meals and other stuff you can just grab.

It's nice to see you can cook, but you have just wasted 3 hours that you could have used to sleep.

He collapsed on the couch for a nap rather than going to bed.


Sunday is the first one to wake up - Marty has had only 2 hours sleep.

Marty - Don't shout at him!!!
I've had no sleep!!
Well that's your own fault - not his!!  You were the one who wasted sleeping time cooking!!

All of the toddlers are starting to cry to be let out of their cots.

I'm potty training Monday and Tuesday at the same time.
Good you might free up some time to teach some of them to at least talk.

Smelly nappies everywhere again and why does Sunday constantly cry?
I don't know he does seem to be a bit of a grizzly one

I'm not sure I can do this .......

Oh Great!!!!  Marty wake up!!!!! 

(-5) for Marty passing out on the floor.

I need to sleep I'm going to call a baby sitter.
You're wasting your time Marty - they won't turn up!! 

autonomously phoning for a baby sitter - since when have they done that??!!
The baby sitter didnt turn up - they don't come to this island as there is only one house lot and no community lots or other houses here.

Your kids are screaming
They will have to wait I'm starving
You're wasting time again!!!

So you have finally found the coffee machine!!
Yes I need something to help me stay awake.

Time for the feeding nappy changing and putting to bed - all 7 of them are screaming the place down because he ate and drank coffee - I had to let him eat before he starved to death.

Great just Great!!!
Shut up!!!
You've gone and peed your pants like a child!!
Shut up!!!
You Stink!!

(-1) for Marty peeing himself

So you go to bed without taking a shower
I'm too exhausted - Buzz off and let me sleep!!

3am -  seven  - eight sleeping babies - Amazing!!!  Marty is doing a better job than I thought he would!!

End of Day two

+3 for each toddler skill learned (walk - talk - potty) = Monday
+1 for each toddler skill maxed (xylophone - logic block) =
-1 for everytime Marty pees himself =  (-1)
-5 for everytime Marty passes out on the floor = (-5)
-1 for every time a toddler passes out on the floor =
+ 3 for each toddler trait I am allowed to pick when they age up =
- 5 for every social worker warning notice =


  1. Replies
    1. me too - i had to turn my volume down - all the crying started to drive me a little mad

    2. Haha....yeah I could see that happening. Poor Marty, hopefully in his next life you will be a little kinder to him ;-)

    3. Lol - me cruel to Marty - Never!! LMAO - I've thought about making him a fairy for one of these challenges :)

  2. Ugh the crying alone would drive me insane doing this challenge!