Monday, 22 July 2013

Disposing of Justine

I put this on my randomness blog ages ago (in April 2012) and meant to post it here too - so here it is.

Since I first got sims 3 and started obsessing over  Marty Keaton  the first thing I usually do when I enter Sunset Valley is dispose of Justine, once she has had the baby of course.

I seriously don't like the woman and over time I have found many ways to dispose of her from setting her on fire, locking her in a room till she starves, drowning her in the swimming pool etc but the latest way has to be the best!!

The usual scene on entering their home - you can see the friction between them.
Why he married this woman I will never know!!
Yet another EA fail!!!!

 Then there is the usual bust up - she is such a miserable cow and so cruel to Marty!!
That baby could only have been made by artificial insemination

Meet Daisy, the new family pet.  Marty being the outdoor type of guy decided he wanted a cow plant, not a cat or dog like everyone else.
See - there is already more love between Marty and the cow than there is between him and his wife!!

Justine had to irritate me by keep feeding Daisy.
Daisy has morals, she does not eat pregnant women or children.

Go on Justine you keep on teasing Daisy
Once you have had that baby you are going to know about it!!!

I ended up building a fence to keep the two mad cows apart.  It took nearly a sim week for Daisy to get hungry and Justine could not resist cake!!

haaa!! Sucker!!!

Daisy seemed a little hesitant about eating Justine at first, she kept sniffing her.

Now you see her.

Now you dont!!

Then Daisy started gagging.
and spat Justine out .....DAMN!!!!
Obviously Daisy thinks she is as disgusting as I do!!

Three times Daisy spat Justine out!!!
I warned her - she would not be fed again until she had eaten Justine.

Milk anyone???

Marty did get a little upset.

But he soon got over it and even rewarded Daisy for being such a good cow.

R.I.P. Justine
You wont be missed.


I am not always so cruel - it is just that woman!!!! 
Now since the release of Supernatural / Seasons / University and Island Paradise there are many more ways of sim disposing available to me (evil grin) 
so don't be surprised if you see more Disposing of Justine threads!!



  1. ROFL LMFAO! Loved this. Laughed so damn hard. If this came with a like button I'd like this 100 times.

  2. Actually the only reason they got married, is b\c Bebe Hart was still underaged, so Justine was the next best thing. Except she actually was not.

    Really, Marty: sporty guy that loves to kiss and is a bit neurotic about appliances.

    Justine: not really that sporty just quite perfection-isty and a bit hot-headed. Ok she is employed as a policewoman, but so are Hank Goddard (a casanova), and Blair Wainwright (a dorky naive chick).

    And for the baby being born via artificial insemination... i'm guessing they might have been drunk instead. Or they got it via EA Games storyline powers. They do not care if premade sims that start in a relationship, would actually be compatible enough once you play them and they're not in the hands of Story Progression.