Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Clone 4 - How Many Children!!??


I have just started playing a new file with Marty and thought I should blog it for a change - as I'm hoping this one will keep me amused for quite a while.  I play with Marty constantly and there is so much that I don't blog!!!

This will be starting off firstly with the purpose of me doing the 30 grandchildren badge.  So Marty is just going to keep having children  - so that when his offspring have grown up they can move out so that Story Progression can work on his 30 grandchildren. (I have put NRass SP Mod back into my game to help with the grandchildren).

While I'm waiting for the grandchildren to arrive - there has to be a purpose for this game so Secondly as I have always wanted to do a 100 baby challenge - I am hoping to do this too, but may just stop when I've achieved the 30 grandchildren - it just depends on how close I am to the 100 babies and how bored I am. 

But I'm not going to make his life (or mine) easy!!!!  Trying to stick to 100 baby challenge rules as much as possible - he will not be getting married and all the baby Mommy's will be different women.  One pregnancy per woman.   I will be using the housemate system to provide the babies Mommy's - he will have one female housemate living with him at a time - once she has provided him with offspring, she will be dismissed - the system will automatically move in a new female housemate at 9am the following morning - the next baby Mom.  As the female are going to be housemates I have totally no control over them at all (they appear on the portrait panel but you can't control them) so they are going to be very unpredictable and should be quite entertaining.  The game gives the baby its first two traits and name - I have totally no control over the baby until it is born and becomes a controllable member of the household.

The only thing I am not sure about is if the game will send me a new housemate after there are more than 8 sims living in the house - I won't know until I get there - so for this reason I'm turning down the lifespan of of the offspring (BABYS I'll age up after 1 day - TODDLERS 5 days CHILDREN 5 days TEENS 5 days - as soon as the child becomes a young adult they will be moved out into town.)

He will be moving into a small house in an emptyish town that only has a park - school - library - Town Hall / Military / Police - grocery store - book shop and cemetery.
He will not be getting a job other than a self employed one that he can do at home (because he will be busy raising all of his babies)  Marty will be living off gardening, fishing, painting, writing etc.   I'll be following Marty's wishes for the most part and building the town up as it goes along.  He will be getting fertility treatment reward as soon as I can get it for him.

This may be a little long winded and I wouldn't be surprised if I fail (this is my third attempt at doing the 30 grandchildren badge, however, both attempts before were done WITHOUT the NRass SP mod)  So I may do other Clones stuff in between.

First chapter will be along shortly.

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  1. Oh I love the housemate option! What a great idea!