Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 4

Apparantly I have an agent because of my celebrity status!!
That's nice for you
Yes it is because he says he is going to give me jobs to do that can earn me money and more fame, I am not sure I want the fame but I am up for the money

The first job he gave me is to work out for 4 hours, he recons having a better looking body will help when people are taking photo's of me.
It looks pretty busy in the gym today

Yes it is very busy, I notice Bebe is in here again too
Why are you staring at her like that?
I don't know she seems really familiar somehow.
I wouldn't worry about it - you need a shower!!
Yeah I know!!

I have found a great place.
What - the fire station?
Yeah, I thought I would have a look around and found some very useful things.

There is an easel, inventing table, a tv, exercise equipment, a telescope, somewhere else for free meals and BEDS!!!!
I see you are testing one out!!
I just had to, its so much better napping on a bed!!

Are you supposed to be poking around the firestation and using the beds meant for the firemen?
I don't know, there is nobody around and I am not stealing anything so what harm am I doing?
You watch yourself on that pole
This is way more fun than using the stairs!!
I don't think they are meant for fun!!

I am checking out the Stoney Falls Country Club.- have you seen this fish tank!!!!
Yeah impressive isn't it.
I am going to get me one of these when I get my own house EVENTUALLY!!

Wasting money on drinks again I see!!
It's just the one, what's up with him, he looks weird
He is a vampire

What on earth are you doing now?
Dancing what does it look like!!
On a table - isn't the floor good enough?!
More fun up here.
It won't be if you fall off!!

Anyone would think you were drunk!!
I only had one so how can I be.
What did you actually drink?
It was called "sex on the beach".
No wander you are dancing on tables!!

You're making a right show of yourself, I think you need to lay off that "sex on the beach" drink in future!!!
I'm only doing a bit of skinny dipping, what's wrong with that?
You tell me - when you are stood there absolutely stark naked in a public bar!!

Poor Leighton who was dancing, but is now just stood there with his mouth wide open has just copped an eyeful of everything!!
Maybe I should ask him to join me.
Not a good idea, he might take it the wrong way, and its just a good  job Dave is not stalking you at this moment in time, he would be having a field day with that camera of his!!

Oops, that's Hannah Jones, I think you have shocked her a little too!! 

OMG - now look what you have started!!
I asked her to join me - and she did, so she couldn't be that shocked!!

I dread to think what you are going to do next!!!
We are just chatting, that's all!!!
Well make sure that's all you are doing!!

Sleeping it off during the daytime!!
Well I was up till 6am

I have found some wild plants by the laundromat, odd looking though the fruit off these bushes is glowing.
That's life fruit, you did well to find that!!

There are a few fruit trees too that I have not seen before.
Maybe you should try planting some of that fruit, when you get back to your patch.

Have you seen that - water coming through the walls of the laundromat.
They have probably got a flood inside, I should imagine it happens quite a lot with all those washing machines in there.

Marty are you mad!!!!
I am trying to stop the flood.
You don't know a think about repairs and you are messing with electrics and water there!!
You know I don't like floods.
That's because you are neurotic and you think if someone spills a cup full of water, its a flood, and you might drown in it!!!!

Are you making fun of me!!??
No - just concentrate on what your doing because there is a possibility you might electrocute yourself!!

See panic over, flood stopped without me electrocuting myself - you panic too much.
Says he who panics over a small leak!!

Dancing in the laundromat - now I have really seen it all!!!
Well, I can't help it, I am starved of music seeing as I am not allowed a radio or anything!!!
Well maybe if you stopped messing about and instead of having fun all the time, work on getting some money and you will get your radio!!
Nag - nag - nag!!

There is a nice looking woman over there.
Who Bella Bachelor??!!
I am going to ask her what her star sign is.
Ask her if she knows of any good opticians while your at it!!!

Did you just see that!! 
She peed herself!!
I think she was heading toward the toilets before you stopped her
Don't blame me!!

I thought you was going to ask her what her star sign is?
I changed my mind, up close, maybe she is not so nice after all and she certainly does not smell very nice!!
Well neither would you if you had just peed yourself and was stood there in the puddle!!

Marty, where are you?
I am next door - the house is empty and the gate is unlocked.
So you just thought you would go and help yourself to what is there
I am using it, I am not stealing it, no one lives here, so what's the problem!!!

Look its empty, doesn't seem right when no one lives here and I am homeless!!
You won't be homeless forever, well I don't expect you to be but I don't see your funds going up very much.
I have got it in hand - stop nagging!!!

There is a hot tub here too - and a radio.
Which you have on a little too loud, I might add!!!
I did that on purpose, I am hoping when I go back to my patch I can hear it from there!!


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  1. Marty just likes to party. :D He'll need to watch the breaking and entering and his skinny dipping ways he might get caught one day by Dave the paparazzi.

  2. Marty must be a bit of a party animal. :)

  3. LOL he's lucky Dave wasn't there to snap pictures.

  4. LMAO. I laughed at the pic of him dancing.