Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 5

Swatting up on  your gardening again?
Yes, I have pockets full of seeds that I am not able to plant yet, they are starting to weigh me down!!
Did you try planting some of that fruit like I suggested?
Yes, but I could only plant a few of them.

I also decided to take your advice about writing a book.
So you are now writing a book?
Well, I am giving it a go, don't know if it will be any good, I've submitted and a few chapters to the publisher and I got $9 for them - so it must be readable!!

Isn't it typical, at this moment in time I need Dave Ramsey and because I want him I haven't seen him!!
So what do you want Dave for?
One of the times when he was taking pictures of my gardening he asked me if I could sell him some nice tomatoes when they had grown.  Now they have grown so I need to find him to sell him some - but I know where he lives so I'll go and see if he is in.
This is the Marmalade house and family isn't it.
Yeah Dave lives here with his boyfriend Pear.

Looks like a bit of jealousy there!!!
Pear checking up on what you and Dave are talking about!!
I think that is probably why I hardly see Dave these days, either his boyfriend is the jealous  type or he is too busy with his love life to do his job properly!!!

Who is that? She is pretty!!
Her name is Octavia - I presume she is Apple and Pears sister.

Are you and Pear becoming friends?  I noticed everyone else went inside and he stayed out to speak to you.
Yeah, he complimented me on my book - I was pretty shocked - then we just started talking about writing and books, he told me he was a bookworm.

Where did that book come from?
Don't panic I didn't buy it or steal it - I have been given a free copy of the book I wrote.
So you are reading your own book!!
Yes, might as well, as there is not a lot else to do round here for entertainment.

Before you start - my agent sent me here - I am being paid $1000 to come here and order a drink - promotional work.
Ok - I'll let you off!!

You are not going to go all silly on me again are you?
No, this drink doesn't seem to have any side affects.

Zelda invited me to her party, I saw Dave downstairs so I guessed Pear might be here somewhere.  He was upstairs talking to Zelda

So you gatecrashed their conversation
Not really Pear asked me to join in the conversation, I think he was looking for a way to get away from Zelda, after all she really isn't his type is she and I think anyone can tell she likes him.

A liitle close there aren't  you!!
Shut up!!!!  If you really must know he was gossiping about Zelda, apparently she keeps flirting with him and he does not find it funny!!!!
So did you ask him about his sister by any chance?
I did actually, she's got a boyfriend.
Don't think that is going to stop me do you!!
Oh Great!!!!

Your round at Zelda's again?
Yeah she phoned me and asked me to hang out but I didn't realise she meant come round and lets play with her barbie dolls, if I had known I wouldn't have bothered!!

What!?  Asking her about her star sign - are you interested in her?
No chance, just curious - you know who I like.
Yes and she has a boyfriend!!
I am saying nothing!!!

Pillow fighting?
Her idea - she's childish remember.

I am glad to see you are actually making an attempt to improve your family fund!!
I am not doing too badly, I have got $2.577 so far.
So you might just scrape the $50,000 before the grim reaper comes after you!!
Don't look at me like that - I am doing my best!!
If you say so!!

Do I have to say anything!?
No - see you got me wrong again - my agent sent me - I am earning $1,000 just for dancing for 3 hours!!!!

So you crawl out of the dance club and sleep in the first place you find - the scrap yard office!!
I have a plan - that's why!!
Oh yeah
Collecting scrap - Ive been told I can get $100 for about 50 pieces of scrap.
Well get scrap collecting then!!

Why are you at the Doo Pea Corporation Towers?
Agency work again - I am recording a commercial for llama musk perfume.
So how much will you be adding to your funds?
I get paid $5,000 for this one - I wouldn't mind more jobs that pay like this!!!
Not bad!!
Thats $9,196 now and my celebrity status has just gone up too I am now a three star celebrity.

WHAT ON EARTH ........!!??
Ssshhhhhhhhh don't attract attention to me!!
You don't need me to do that you're doing that all on your own!!
I'm seeing what I can find in the rubbish bin
Please tell me your joking!!
No I'm not!!
All you will find in there is rubbish!!

What are you looking so smug about?
You say rummaging in bins doesn't pay!!
Go on then, what did you find?
5 pieces of scrap and a palladium rock
Yes $363 it was worth!!
Ok so maybe I was wrong.
You was!!

So do you have plans tonight?
I am just eating this and now its gone dark I am going bin raiding?
I am going out while it is dark to rummage some bins.
Tell me your joking.
No I am deadly serious
Well don't come crying to me when you are public disgraced for rummaging in bins.

This is the Goth's house, they are rich so I am hoping I might get some expensive stuff from here.
No - a bottle of bubble bath, a duck and 30 scrap.

I don't know who's house this is.
Its the Alvi's house and your pushing it I can see someone inside - Marty you are going to get caught.
I will if you don't shush!!!
Any luck?
10 scrap, a rainbow gem woth $595 and even better a pink diamond worth $1338 oh and a potato.
A potato!!
Yeah well I can plant it can't I!! 

All I got out of the Hart's bin was 40 pieces of scrap

And out of the bin at the Steel house I got 10 scrap and another bottle of bubble bath  It started getting light so I had to stop.

Well I hope thats the end of your bin rummaging!!
You're joking - I have only just started!!!!


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  1. Lol. Dumpster diving Marty. It did look like Pear was going to flirt with Marty there. Of course he might be just making sure the controlled sim isn't going to try to take his love interest.

  2. LOL His going around at night to rummage in trash cans was great.

  3. Oh my, LOL. He did find some gems in the trash, that's good. I guess the opportunities would be what helps a homeless Sim the most, I never thought of that. =D

  4. LOL. At least dumpster diving wasn't a total waste. You can actually get some good money doing that.