Thursday, 22 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 6

Just how many times are you going to wash those hands of yours?
Why three, surely once is enough
No, have you ever had your hands in a rubbish bin - its gross!!
Well that's your own fault!!!

I found another sketch in the consignment store, Ill add it to my collection.
Who does this one belong to?
Funnily enough Silver Hacket again.

Since I have met Octavia I am kind of in a hurry to get that house
Oh yeah!?
Well I can not really have a love life without a house can I, who would want to go out with a homeless tranp?
Your paintings aren't going to get you rich quick!!
I just need more practice that's all!!

Your paintings are fairly strange!!
Its not that bad!!
Its not good either - so how much?
I got $5 for it!!
Gee whiz!!

I decided I needed a good nights sleep in a bed.
So you'rre using the fire stations beds.
Nobody seems to mind, and anyway its not like they are super comfortable either, they are only cheap beds.
Like you can be fussy - its a bed!!

Another painting?
Yes, I prefer painting on an easel and I got $8 for this one.

Sea fishing?
I am fed up of catching the same fish out of my pond, I thought I would see what other fish I can catch.

You have been there nearly all day
I have managed to catch 6 different types of fish and I also got a sleeping gnome.
Lovely view!!
Yes it is nice.

I am writing another book, I am getting $9 again for the chapters I am submitting, so hopefully this one is readable too.

Raymondo is trying to attract your attention
I know I am just trying to finish this last little bit then I'll speak to him.
He has grown up quickly!!
I know time is flying - I am creeping towards becoming a mature adult, its scary!!

That has got to be the stupidest place I have seen you sleep yet, right outside the front doors of the Science Fascility!!
I was tired, I dropped off some insects and I did plan on having another shot at catching a robot fish but thought I would have a kip first.

So did you manage to catch your robot fish?
No - only black goldfish and another bottle of bubble bath and a box that had a death seed in it.

You keep neglecting your garden don't you!!
Its because I go off and don't come back for days sometimes.

I have improved my gardening skill and have managed to get some of those seeds planted.
I see you kept the sleeping gnome.
Yeah, if I get any more I will sell them.

Is that Zelda??
Yes she is elderly now, she called me and asked me if I wanted to hang out.

I was talking to Parker and Kaylynn, Zelda's neice and nephew.  They are all a little sad at the moment because Dustin (Zelda's brother in law) has just died.  I never bumped into Dustin so I never met him.

Back at the consignment store I see!!
I found another sketch - Miraj Alvi left this one.
I suppose that is another one for your bathroom wall.
Yes, its only worth $8 anyway.

Your painting doesn't look like it is coming on much to me!!!
I think I might give up on the painting - I am just wasting my time for nothing!!
Yeah, I think maybe you should!!!

Oh no not again!!!
One bin a night won't hurt.
So what did you get out of this one?
30 scrap and a duck.

Dorie Hart invited me to her party.  It was pretty strange though because when I got there it was just me Mrs Crumplebottom and Mrs Alto and it was a swimming costume party and she doesn't even have a swimming pool or hot tub!!!!    I met a little boy there Dories grandson Zachary and I could see straight away his father probably was one of the Marmalades with those red eyes and the yellowy green skin colour.
Who is his Mom and Dad?
I don't know I didn't like to ask but I presume he might be Apples kid as Pear has a boyfriend and is gay and it isn't likely to be Austin's - not unless he has had an affair behind his wife's back with one of the Hart sisters!!

He kept complaining he was hungry so I tried to give him an Apple to eat and he got really cross with me, so I decided to be cheeky and made an autumn salad for everyone to eat. 
That was thoughtful of you!!!
Dorie then got cross with me she said I was being a little inappropriate, but she ate the salad without complaining!!

The next day Bebe phoned me up out of the blue and asked me to hang out.
I wandered why you was round there again!!!
Look there are two Marmalade babies in this house!!!
What is that one called
His name is Donte.

He is pretty cute don't you think!!
Yes, you keep making a beeline for toddlers don't you!!
I love kids when they are this age.
Oh do you now!!!
Oh nothing - just making a mental note of that for the future!!

So I take it they are Bebe's kids.
No actually they are her sister Toni's kids.
I recon with that hair colouring of Donte's they are Apples kids.
Your probably right!!

Talk of the devil, look who is at the gym!!

Are you not going to talk to him?
No, he looks busy and I have to run got another $1,000 to earn 
3 hours dancing at the grind.

 Signing Autographs now too?
I am a four star celebrity now hadn't you noticed!!


Marty keep making a beeline for the toddlers on free will and he snuggles them and plays with them.  This has helped me decide on his next life - lol - I think maybe a little toddler mania could be very entertaining!!!!


  1. It's looking like his celebrity status is going to be useful for him making money. I don't think I could do the toddler mania as that's just going to be alot of crying going on.

  2. It would have taken me twice as long to do without the celebrity status :) I keep my volume off when I have too many kids in the house so I won't be hearing any of it - lol

  3. Toddler mania - challenging and mercifully short!

    Good luck Marty.

  4. I love that the duck he found in the garbage is on his sink now. And his monster painting is actually pretty cool. LoL

  5. I liked his house painting, that looked kind of neon. LOL.

  6. LMAO. Poor Marty had to wash his hands a bazillion times after dumpster diving. Being a celebrity hobo is hard!