Monday, 26 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 9

Bebe is driving me mad!!
She keeps phoning me and asking me to hang out but when I get there she is not in.
Maybe you take too long to get there
No I go straight away - strange woman!!

Oh well, I get to hang out with Zac and Donte.
I wander why Apple doesnt live with his girlfriend and children?
I am not sure - they have three kids now did you know
They have a little girl called Twanna too now.

Playing chess with Apple in the park?
Yeah and he beats me everytime - he is a genius you know!!
What were you talking about the conversation looked interesting.
He was telling me that Toni won't get engaged because she has commitment issues, and that is why they don't live together!!
But she'll keep having kids with him?!
Yeah I know doesn't make a lot of sense does it!!

Now what are you up to?
I thought I would cook some hotdogs while I was in the park.

Everything was going great until I got interupted for someone to take pictures

When I got back to the hotdogs they were burnt - I was not impressed!!
I bet!!

That's pretty
Its common I won't get alot for this one!!

The fish in the park are pretty big!!
Yeah and I have caught some Angel fish too.

I am working on Pears book.
Is Dave supervising seeing as he is Pears boyfriend?!
No but I think he is reading it.

Finally finished his book - could of done it in half the time without all the interuptions!!
So how is it paying?
$256 a week.
You have got some weekly royalties coming in then now.
Yes $696 a week.

I thought outside the science fascility was bad enough but sleeping in the graveyard - now I really have seen it all!!!
I am sleeping the afternoon away so I can do some night fishing for death fish.

What's up with your face?
Zelda died
Oh I am sorry - your friends seem to be dropping like flies!!
Yes I noticed!!

I notice the Marmalade family are a the gym again.
Yes, I am best friends with Pear now since I did that biography for him.
He liked it then!!

Whatever is he wearing now??
I was wandering that myself!!

Another $1000 for ordering a drink at the Stoney Falls Country Club - thats $44,170 now in the family fund.

Another strong drink I see, watch you don't fall off!

Since when has Austin's wife Blueberry been a vampire?
She isn't
Well she has the vampire mark
I never noticed but she is definately not a vampire
That's strange!!!!

Not again!!
I haven't done it for a while.
Your in the Steel's bin again
I know not much in here 3 seeds, a tomato a teddy bear and a bottle of bubble bath.

This is Xandar Clavels house
I don't believe it!!
You know that death flower his Dad gave me $500 for, the death flower is in the bin!!
Anything else?
Just 30 scrap and bubble bath.

Marty someone is coming!!
Oh no - it Gage
Run before he gets a good look at you!!!  Told you you was going to get caught one of these times!!
Anyway what can they do take thier rubbish back??
They can publically disgrace you for rummaging in bins!!

Marty your garden is looking very neglected!!
I know, well it has nearly served its purpose anyway.
I am on $46,820 so I am nearly there.

What a difference a bit of water makes!!!
I know - but I have just wasted my time doing this!!
My agent just phoned I have got a cameo in a film  - that's $5,000

So you have done it!!!!

Yes - $51.920 - Finally this ordeal is over!!!
I am a little disappointed!!
This celebrity status of yours got you most of the money, it made your life a lot easier than it should have been!!"

So now you are a free man what are you going to do?
I am going to take Octavia's grave and am going to buy the house next door.
Taking a last look around?
Yeah I am not going to miss this place!!!

So do you have much money left after buying that house?
Not much but I can get a job now can't I.

It is nice finally to be able to cook myself a meal in my own home on my own cooker!!
You will soon forget your homeless life!!

So, I am off to leave you to get on with it.
Your going?
Yes -you can live the rest of this life without my interfering.
But I thought ....
Don't worry I will be back when its time for your next life to start.

So, have a nice life!!
I'll try!!


So that is the Homeless challenge over.
I am really dissappointed - I never thought about the Celebrity status when I started.
It felt to me like  he cheated his way to the $50,000 :(

Clone 2
coming soon!!


  1. It would make since for Blueberry to be a vampire since Octavia was one, maybe she's like Chase.

    Congrats to Marty to reaching his goal. Makes me want to have a homeless sim. Can't wait to see how the next Marty ends up.

  2. Well, congrats to Marty one for completing his challenge. On to the next clone

  3. This was really fun reading! Don't worry too much, there's always going to be unexpected things happening in a challenge like this. I love your conversation style writing with Marty, it cracks me up :)

  4. It was a good challenge. I don't think celebrity is cheating. He was the famous homeless man. ;)

  5. Wow nice. Even though it went fast, I don't think you cheated. =) I don't know about you, but might it have gotten boring if it took too long?

  6. Congrats on completing your challenge! And I agree with Lateknight. If it took too long, it would have gotten boring for you to play I bet :)