Saturday, 24 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 8

Eeew gross - kissing a ghost!!
So that's why you wanted to bring her grave back here!!
I didn't know this was going to happen!!

This looks so weird!!!
It feels weird!!

What did you just do???!!!
Asked her to be my girlfriend.
You idiot - she's dead - this relationship can never go anywhere - your mad!!!!

I got paid $3,000 for attending a book signing at the bookstore - that's $24,115 in the family fund now.
Great!!!  half way!!!
Not quite.
Close enough!!

Every time I come in here I gain another sketch

I thought you was giving up on the painting as you are really no good at it!!
I thought I would give it another go!!
Now I bet you wished you hadn't
$12 that's naff!!
That's because your paintings are naff!!

I came to the library and started on my third book, but I didn't get very far I kept getting interrupted.
So I noticed, your chatting to Pear.
He is a bookworm and he spends a lot of time in the library.
I had noticed that too!!

Oooww for a minute there!!!!!
Don't be stupid - that was just a friendly hug, after all he is my girl friends brother.
Oh please don't - she is dead Marty!!!!

What are you doing at the theatre?
$5,000 of promotional work doing a cameo in a play.

And another $5,000 for doing a cameo in a film at the film studio's
That's $10.000 I have gained today the family fund is $34,115 now.
Your celebrity status is making this too easy!!
Oh what, would you rather have seen me struggling to get this money?!
No - just I overlooked the celebrity status thing!!

I have maxed my gardening skill - and I have got a certificate to prove it.  I could have sold it for $600 but I decided to keep it instead - I'l have something to hang on the walls in my house when I eventually get it!!

What is wrong?
I don't believe it - I just heard something horrible!!
Well tell me then
Raymondo, he died in a fire last night!!
That's awful!!
Another one died too young and he was such a good kid too, its not fair!!!

Well this is a strange one - I have to deliver a death flower to Buster Clavell to earn me $500, what would he want a death flower for have you seen how ugly they are!!
He is trying to dodge the grim reaper!!
If you give the Grim Reaper a death flower when he comes to collect you, he will take the flower and go away without you, he gives you a little more life.
So if Octavia had got a death flower she wouldn't have died.
I have never seen a vampire use one, but I presume it would work the same for them, but yes if she had a death flower she would probably still be here!!"
WHY didn't you tell me this before - I could have saved her I have a deathflower!!!
Well I didn't know she was going to die did I!!!!!

It is great now that I can plant all of the seeds that I am finding!!! 
Your garden seems to be really coming on.
It is - you know I could stay here now and earn the rest of the money I need because I am earning over £1,000 a day on fruit and veg that I am harvesting from my garden.

I am getting really good money for these sea fish!!
I am not surprised the size of them.
I am close to maxing my fishing skills too.

You know it would really help if I could buy some fishing books so I could learn what baits to use - that way I would be able to cathch better and bigger fish!!
No Marty you can not buy fishing books!!!
Oh well, it was worth a try

So now are you now fishing in the graveyard.
I am trying to catch a deathfish and it is the only place I know where to find them.
You still have that robot fish to catch.
I am not so bothered about the robot fish it is the death fish that I really want to catch - they are worth a fortune too!!!!

Another book?
Yes my fourth one - this is going to be a good one I can feel it - $31 a chapter I am getting, that is if I ever get it finished keep having to stop to sign autographs and have my picture taken - these people are so annoying!!

Your "girlfriend" was out last night and you slept right through it!!
Oh no!
Yeah, she watched you sleeping for a while then went to sleep on the bench by you kind of cute really.
You should have woke me!!

Apple phoned me and asked me to hang out but I did not stop too long because it was getting late, he was tired and I had something to do.
I am bin rummaging tonight.
Oh no!!!!

Please tell me your not!!!  Thats the Marmalades bin.
Well I know they are in bed now.
That's bad Marty, your friends bin!!!

Not a good night tonight - out of the Marmalades bin I got 20 scrap and a duck and out of this bin I got a candle and another bottle of bubble bath.
I thought maybe you got lucky on the first night!!!!!!
It is probably the bins I picked - I am going to try again another night.

Trying to finish that book?
Yes, I need to get this finished before I can start on my next one - Pear Marmalade has asked me to imortalise him in print, he has read my other books and liked them and wants me to write his biography for him.
That sounds interesting!!
I just hope I can do it ok!!  Finished - I am getting $344 a week for this one - now to make a start on Pears book.

Agency work?
No  I am celebrating!!

With the few lots of $42 that I got from submitting a few of the chapters of Pears book, my Family Fund went to $40,023!!!!

So you just wasted the $23 on Baked Angel Food Cake!!!

Chapter 9


  1. He's almost there. And Apple and Pear just won't leave him alone.

  2. Go Marty - celebrity status did seem to help a lot though.

  3. Wow, nice, he's getting there quickly.

  4. Celebrity status is definitely helping him out big time! And oh my, that was one red ghost!