Monday, 19 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 2


I see you found your bathroom
Yes so how exactly do I get a bath or shower?
You can use the shower at the gym and there may be other places in town you could use, Marty you really need to start thinking outside of the box now that you are homeless and don't have all the mod cons you are used to.
Your telling me!!

Do these taps even work?
Mind they might be a bit rusty, pull them about like that and you might break them.
I'm only checking they are not going to spring a leak and flood the place.
Oh yeah your neurotic aren't you - leave them be, they will be fine.

Food - I am hungry, any ideas' where my next meal is coming from?
Can't you think for yourself, you have a pond full of fish - get fishing
I hope you don't think I will be eating raw fish!!!!
You have a pit fire you can roast them, so no you don't have to eat raw fish.

Finally - I thought I was never going to catch anything.
A little on the small side isn't it!!
Do I really have to eat this, this is the first fish I have ever caught
What do you want to do frame it?  If you don't want to starve sorry that's your dinner!!!

You know I don't even like fish.
Well you will have to get used to it, you don't have the choice to be picky.

Stop pulling faces and just eat it!!

Marty I think you are sleeping just a little too close to that fire.
Ssshhh I am trying to sleep!!
I would hate your sleeping bag to catch fire and you die on your very first day of being homeless!!
I am supposed to be the neurotic one - now buzz off!!!

Good morning Marty, so how did you sleep?
Do you know how uncomfortable this is??!!
No, but I'll take your word for it!!
I stink!!!
Well maybe a trip to the gym is needed, you can take a shower while you work out where breakfast is coming from!!

I thought you came here for a shower!
I did but you know I am Athletic, I want to learn the Athletic skill, I think I am going to be spending a lot of my time in this gym, because not only can I work out and have a bath or shower here, there is a swimming pool, martial arts training equipment and the best thing - free meals!!!
What do you mean free meals.

While you are using the gym you can help yourself to food and drink from the fridge.  There is not much just cereal, icecream, juice, bread and jam, and soup, bit at least I don't have to live on just fish!!
Clever you - see I told you, being homeless it wasn't too hard to survive!!
I'd still rather have a house to live in like normal people.
Well the sooner you start finding ways to make money the sooner you will be in that house!!

You found the library I see, what are you reading?
A gardening book, I suppose I should make a start on learning a bit about gardening if its one of the ways I am going to have to earn money - I need to find some seeds, any idea?
I do know one place - close to the graveyard, but you are just going to have to keep your eyes open while you are wondering around.

I got myself a starter packet of seeds from the gardening book. apples, lettuce, tomatoes and grapes, so I am making a start on my garden, but it is going to take these ages to grow!!
That is why you will need to go wandering around looking for rocks to sell and insects that you can take to the science facility for money

That is not looking for rocks and insects.
Couldn't find any and I got bored, so I checked out the laundromat and I found a cafe.
I hope you are not wasting money!!
Yeah - well I found a few butterflies and earnt me $72 so I thought I would celebrate with my favourite meal and you did say the only thing I could spend my money on is food!!
You are not making your $50,000 if you are going to keep wasting money on food when you know you can get it for free.
Stop fussing - its just this once!!!

Your favourite meal you say?!"
Yes fish and chips.
Did you not tell me only yesterday you don't like fish!!??
Yes, but battered fish is different.
If you say so but its still fish!!!!  You know sometimes Marty I wander where you head's at!!!

You clogged up your toilet!!
Its old and cheap, you might have at least put me in a decent one!!
Stop moaning - you are lucky you even got that, most homeless people don't even get a toilet and sink!!!

Your fishing skills look like they are coming on - that's a nice sized goldfish.
I want to put it in a goldfish bowl, I really don't fancy eating it!!
Sorry, goldfish bowls cost money and you can not get one!!
Maybe I should just throw it back - its a shame!!
You are going to be homeless for ever at this rate!!

Dancing alone??
The place is empty and you know I only have one aquaintance so far Zelda Mae who I met at the library, strange woman playing with the dolls house!!
She's got the childish trait that's why, but if you want to make some friends maybe you should try those two guys who have just walked in.

The two guys were Michael Bachelor and Xander Clavell, Micheal was ok, Xander is a little strange, not sure I like him very much.
He can be a little inappropriate, I don't think many people in this town really get on with Xander very well!!
Michael is friendly like me so I guess I could be friends with him.

Back at the gym!!
Yeah, well I did say I would be spending a lot of time here.

You know I could actually live here instead of that patch of land you dumped me on, I have got my sleeping bag with me.
Yes and I saw the chaos you caused sleeping at the foot of the stairs and nobody could get up to the exercise equipment - maybe not a good idea if you don't want to draw attention to yourself and your homeless situation.
Ok well maybe I could just kip here instead, nobody seems bothered!!
They probably would be if you started to do it every day.

You know one of these showers could fit into my little bathroom!!
NO!!!! Forget it!!!
Oh well, I tried.  Buzz off then, unless you intend to watch me having a shower!!

Your good at breaking things aren't you!!
I was just checking the sink, that's all!!!! 
Well get and fix it,  you don't want them to throw you out for being a vandal - you need this place!!!

Its tricky catching butterflies


Pretty aren't they - I wander what they do with them at the science lab?
Study them, experiment on them, I don't know.
You don't think they kill them do you?
I couldn't say, first the fish now the butterflies - your a sap!!!

I just found my first rock!!
Great, well you need to find a lot more because these rocks are what are going to bump your money up!!

What is this place?
The mausoleum, where they keep the dead bodies.
I maybe shouldn't go in then!!
You know you can explore the catacombs below, you might find some nice rocks down there.
Is is dangerous?
Well I don't know of anyone dying down there if that is what you are worried about.

You took your time I thought you were never coming out!!
I did not like that - its creepy and some strange thing asked me for some of my hair!!  I did find a rock though that is worth $230!!!!

What's his problem - taking photo's of me the *****
NO MARTY don't have a go at him!!
Why would he want lots of photo's of me!!
His name is Dave Ramsey and hes a paparazzi
Papa what?
Paparazzi - a news paper reporter - I am not sure how but you a one star celebrity.

I am not a celebrity.
You are somehow - I just need to work out why!!


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  1. Lol,the homeless celebrity. I'm assuming 'mod con' means modern convinces since I stumbled a little bit over it before my brain decided that that worked.

  2. Yes sorry mod con is modern convenience. I was pretty shocked when his first star popped up the green bar on Zelda Mae was hardly visable he had 3 aquaintances and only Zelda being a celeb - usually have to work a lot harder than that to get the first star!!

  3. Marty, Celebrity hobo - must be the newspaper wants to have a campaign to throw the homeless out of town. :)

  4. LOL a homeless celebrity. That's funny.

  5. LOL. First time I've seen a homeless celebrity. Its so easy to get celeb points in this game. LOL.