Thursday, 22 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 7

Well this looks cosy!!
Sssssssshhhhh Blueberry is telling us a ghost story.
So I see

What are you doing Marty?
What do you think I am doing!!
Trying to make a move on Octavia - I should remind you she does have a boyfriend!!
Not for much longer she won't I am going to ask her to break up with him.
Maybe you should wait till you are closer to your house target before you go rushing into a relationship.

I don't want to wait - what about if she goes and marry's that boyfriend of hers - then I am stumped!!!
Well I just hope you know what your doing - you can't get married till you have your house - if you do she will also have to becomes homeless and  she's a vampire - she would be dead within days because of the sunlight and don't think you can get married and move in with her because you can't!!
You just like making me miserable don't you!!

I am not being mean you know!!
If you say so.
How is the family fund looking
See you are nearly half way - its not so bad!!

Octavia phoned me she wants to hang out so I am going round later.
She likes you doesn't she.
Yes, I think so - I am going to find out later for sure.
Why what are you planning?
Well I want to kiss her for a start.
I can see what else you wished for too, but that other want of yours to become a vampire, you can get that straight out of your head - you can not be homeless and a vampire, the sun will kill you in days!!

So why are you out fishing?
I am outside the Stoney Falls Country Club killing time, waiting for the bar to open.
More promotional work?
Yes I have to order a drink then I am off to see Octavia.

What are you wearing and where are your shoes?
You have to wear formal wear to come in here, I don't have any do I so I have had to improvise!!
Your everyday shirt buttoned up and sleeves rolled down and your swimming shorts!!!
What else could I do??!!

I am not so sure I want to watch this!!
Well don't then - go and bug someone else for a bit!!!!

What is all that screaming?
It sounds like Octavia - she was here asleep with me - we eerrr ......., well you know, and then we fell asleep, I don't know when she got out of bed or where she is.

What is going on - is she ok?
Marty she has gone!!!
What do you mean gone?
She is dead, a pile of ash on the carpet, vampires tend to do that when they starve.
She can't be!!
Sorry Marty she is dead.

Did you do this??
Don't be silly it was just one of those things!!
You call dying one of those things - she is too young to die - this has got to be you!!
Sorry Marty I didn't kill her - she died of starvation - she needed to drink blood and she did not do it quickly enough - probably because she was too busy in the bedroom with you!!
Oh go on - that's it - blame me and make me feel a whole lot worse!!!!

What did her parents say to you?
They told me not to rush off to stay till the morning but I had to get out of there - This can't be happening, my head is all over the place and I don't know what to do!!
There is nothing you can do!!

Why?  Why did this have to happen?!!
I don't know.
You - you can bring her back can't you!!
Not really.
You can - you do it with me so you can do it with Octavia.
I am sorry I can't.

So is this all you are going to do - sit around moping!!
How insensitive are you - I loved her!!!
I know and I am sorry she has gone Marty but all this moping isn't earning you money and it won't bring her back!!
I still don't believe you can not bring her back.

Why did she have to die - its not fair!!  Please bring her back!!!!
Sorry Marty I can't.
Won't more like it!!
I'll think about if for another lifetime.
That's no good - do it now!!
No - Not now!!

What did you just do??
I collected Octavia's gravestone.
Why?  What about her family?
Because I wanted to and if they are happy to leave it here, why shouldn't I.

Great!!  Just great!!!
Get over it!!!
What about if I don't want to!!
Well then you will be miserable and homeless for the rest of your life!!!

I am writing another book.
Good, after watching you mope about for ages, its nice to see you doing something again!!
I am hoping this is going to be good, I am getting $31 each time I am submitting chapters.

The trouble is every five minutes I am being interrupted by autograph hunters.
That is the price of fame unfortunately!!
Its not funny, when they can see I am busy why can't they just leave me alone.

I can see Apple and Pear again.
I know they just turned up, they seem to be everywhere I go these days!!
Well the book is finished, I am getting $265 a week for this one.

Apple phoned me and asked me to hang out.
I thought you was Pears friend not Apples.
I am, it surprised me when Apple phoned me.

I am staying over so I made dinner for everyone.
How are your cooking skills?
Not bad as the salad was good quality I can not wait to get my own house and my own cooker!!!

What's up with you?
Well you know Blueberry was Octavia's Mom, well this is the first time I have notice how much Octavia looked like her Mom - she had her Dads colouring but her mothers looks.
I hope this isn't going to set you off again!!!!
It is a little unsettling!!

So you get the chance to sleep in a bed and what do you do!!  Sleep on their kitchen floor in your sleeping bag!!!
I couldn't go upstairs.
Why not?
Its where she died remember, it would have upset me.

Well I hope you know that Dave had a right good laugh at you!!!
Did he?!
Yeah, and he got his camera out - you'll be a laughing stock!!

I see Dave is back to regular stalking duty!!!
Yeah I noticed that, maybe his and Pears love life has cooled down a little!!

Marty turn round?
Why? Oh!!!  OMG its Octavia's ghost!!!
You can talk to her you know!!!


I took a shortcut when I put the Marmalades into town - I used a copy of the  house I  used in the last three generations of my 2nd wishacy "Sometimes Wishes Are Neverending".  I did not expect the Marmalade family to really play a part in Marties story, so never expected to be spending time in the house -  but they now seem to be playing a big part in his life - so if their house looks familiar to you - you now know why!!


  1. The Marmalades just enjoy hanging out with your sims, but then again the did add your Austin to the family to begin with. And being homeless and a vampire would not work out well, but it's sad that Octavia died, Marty just looks miserable.

  2. Well, it sounds like Marty is steadily making his way to his goal.

    And now he has a vampire ghost girl friend. :)

  3. I wish there was a button that you could turn celebrity status's on or off. This would have been a lot more of a task without the celb status - him having a celebrity status and the celb opportunities coming make it an easy task.

  4. Aww Octavia's visiting. How sweet. I also think vampire ghosts look awesome.

  5. If you do testingcheatsenabled true You can right click on a sim and set the celebrity level back to 0 if you don't want to be a celebrity. There are some mods that do this as well. Debug enabler is one of them, by Nraas. (This was directed at Julie, who made a comment about turning off celebrity status. :)