Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Clone 1 - Chapter 3

I really can not work out how you have managed to get yourself a celebrity status - did you do something that might have attracted attention to yourself while I was not watching Marty?
No - not that I know too!!
It does not make sense you know only one celebrity and that's Zelda Mae who is a one star celebrity and its not like you are even friends with her she is just an acquaintance.

Now he is getting right up my nose!!!
You are just going to have to get used to him, because he is going to follow you around everywhere from now on!!!

Oh man, now there is another one at it!!
Just ignore them - who are you talking to?
Michael Bachelor.
You know, you could put that library computer to better use, have you ever thought about writing a book?
Me write a book!!!!
Its money you could be earning, you get royalties off books that you write for quite a while.
I'll think about it!!

I see your gardening is coming on!!
Yeah, I hate that it takes everything so long to grow, I have only managed to sell a few apples so far and I have found quite a few seeds but I don't know enough about gardening yet to plant them.

Zelda phoned me for a chat.
Well it looks like you are forming at least one friendship finally.
I really don't want to get too close to people, I don't want everyone to find out I am homeless, it is quite embarrassing you know!!

That bath tub doesn't look too private!!!
It isn't really, anyone could walk in at any tiime, like you just did, but I really need a soak, I have just done a workout and am now fatigued, my muscles are really aching.

While I was at the graveyard rock and seed collecting I saw this strange man crying by a grave.  I have never seen anyone that colour before!!!
Thats Pear Marmalade and hes a berry sim, there are quiet a few others like him in town, you just have not bumped into any of them yet.

I did manage to find quite a few rocks and gems today and I am getting a lot better at catching butterflies.
Good so how is your family fund looking?
There is $936 there at the moment
Still a long way to go!!

I see you found the fishing spot behind the science fascility
I came to cash in the butterflies I had caught, it is rumoured that there are robot fish swimming around in here and I would love to catch one.
That's not a robot fish
No its a red herring, I doubt I will catch a robot fish I am not that good an angler yet.

I also found some plants to harvest - but there is a strange plant here and I don't know what it is.  What is an Omni plant?  
That's a great plant that you might be able to use to your advantage - you feed the plant anything and it will grow whatever you fed the plant.  For example feed it an expensive book and the plant will harvest you lots of that expensive book.
Its a pity I can not take it home with me, where can I get one of these plants from?
I don't have a clue!!!!

Should you really be sleeping there?
Its quiet and I am not doing any harm, I am too tired to make it home.

Icecream for breakfast?
I fancied a change

I met someone interesting today Bebe Keaton, she has the same surname as me, is she a relative of mine?
Are you sure only somehow she seems familiar.
No she is definately not a relative "cough" "cough"
I feel like I know her!!
Well you don't "cough" "cough"

That martial arts training dummy looks like it could be dangerous
Not really, but it is going to take some time for me to get the hang of this

AAAWWWW my eye!!!
See I told you!!!
Is there any blood?
No but you are going to get a lovely black eye in the morning!!

I found a drawing table at the consignment store that I could use.
Another way to make money - selling your drawings and paintings.
Someone left a sketch on here, do I just take it?
I don't know but you will have to move it if you want to use the table.

What is that supposed to be?
I am not really sure myself!!
You are going to have to get a lot more practice if you want to paint something worth selling!!!
I got $2 for that mess
Geez that's not really going to get you rich quick is it!!!

Bebe phoned me and asked me if I wanted to hang out at her place, I don't really know why she bothered to phone me because when I got there she had gone out, her mother let me in.
So who is the kid?
It's Raymondo Keaton, Bebe's son I presume as his last name it Keaton too, but I did notice one thing, her Mom is Dorie Hart and her Dad is Gus Hart so Bebe must be married to a Keaton.
You would make a good detective!!!

Do you like kids then!!
Yeah, but Raymondo is really cute!!
So are you staying there just to play with the toddler?
No I am going home.
Good because your plants are nearly dead!!

They are looking a little sick aren't they!!
Yes well it has been two days since you actually came back here.
Really has it been that long!
Time must fly when you are having fun!!!

Hang on - isn't that the drawing from the consignment store?!
Yeah, I thought I would keep hold of it and give it back to its owner - Silver Hack - whoever that is, I don't feel right selling it, and I am pretty surprised though it is only worth $1!!
mmmmmm I suppose it does make your bathroom a little more homely

See what I caught when I was fishing a candle and a duck.
Lovely !!! - you know you could sell them
I think I'll keep them.

I am not happy!!!!
Why what's wrong?
Well it looks like some paper girl or boy has dumped a load of newspapers on my patch of land and its making the place look untidy!!!
You might actually find that they have been dropping a paper off for you every day you just have not noticed them before.
Who has?
I have seen the papergirl throwing a new newspaper here every morning for you.
OMG so someone has noticed I have been living here!!
It looks like it!!

So your staying here tonight then?
Yeah its been a while since I ate fish.

And how is your family fund doing?
$1,294 now, I am going to be elderly before I get that $50,000 that you want!!!!


Bebe Hart who is ingame called Bebe Keaton - I made a boo boo when tidying up this town I forgot that I had married him off to Bebe and Raymondo is actually Marty's kid but ssssssshhhhhhhhh don't tell him because he doesnt know!!!

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  1. Lol, he has a family he doesn't know about. Maybe he'll make friends with Pear.

  2. BTW - you can use Sam or any of my other Sims if you like.

  3. ok I will do - I will have a look in your studio thanks!!

  4. LOL oh the clones are getting confusing apparently, since he has a family here.

  5. LOL Things are getting confusing for Marty. I love the back and forth banter.