Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 1

Marty Wake up
Marty wake up - that sedative should have worn off by now!!
Its you again!?
Yes, I am back.
Sedative what sedative and where am I??
I leave you alone for five minutes and you go and get yourself into trouble.
You have got yourself admitted to Bushey Fields.

Bushey Fields - isn't that .........OMG, I am in the nut house!!!!
Yes, you are in the Insane Asylum.
But I am not mad!!!
I did warn you that obsession with your dead vampire girlfriend was not healthy, you did insist on talking about her, not everyone believes in ghosts and when you keep on talking to her and kissing her if front of people who can not see ghosts they think you are balmy and you end up here!!!!
I need to get out of here - I am not mad!!
Well according to your psychiatrist you are and you did drive yourself a little insane in the process, unfortunately you are stuck in here until you prove yourself to be sane!!
How am I supposed to do that??!!
You need to aspire to something and achieve it - your life time wish, what is it?
I want to be a  Robot Creature Cross Breeder why?
So that's it when you achieve your life time wish, you psychiatrist will set you free.  Luckily for you they have accessed you as low level insane so you are allowed to get yourself a job, all your other room mates aren't so lucky they are stuck in here 24/7, you are allowed out but only under supervision !!
Great - so who is this fruitcake talking to the wall???!!!!
That's Liam I'll tell you a little bit about your fellow inmates shall I.

This is Liam Nerd - he used to live in Sunset - obnoxious little man who took great pleasure in making peoples lives miserable.  He is not well liked and the troublesome teens in the town decided to start playing pranks on him, you know egging his house and such - they tormented him so much they drove him insane.

Insane - Absent Minded - Hates the Outdoors - Clumsy - Mean

This is Lilly Seacreast, she drove herself mad looking for her family which she lost.  A hurricane hit the town she was living in and all the survivors were evacuated to another town.  Lilly was knocked unconscious and lay under rubble for a few days before she came round.  In that time all the survivors had left including her family, and she was found wandering around the devastated town muttering to herself, she thought everyone had died and she was the only survivor.  She was too far gone to be reunited with her family apparently when they brought her here.

Insane - Absent Minded - Hate the Outdoors - Loser - Inappropriate

This is Lex Strong - Love and a woman drove him mad!!  He fell in love with a woman, Kandice, who married his brother, Chase, it was a bit of a love triangle so I have been told and she drove both brothers mad in the end.  Now because of it Lex is stuck in here and has developed commitment issues amongst other problems that he never had before - insanity being one of them.

Insane - Absent Minded - Hates the Outdoors - Neurotic - Commitment Issues

This is Patches Swan, now she apparantly is a total fruitcakse - she thinks she is an IF doll!!!  She says that her buddy, Devlin, turned her real, and she used to be an "imaginary Friend" doll.   Of course, nobody believes her, no sane person would!!!!!

Insane - Absent Minded - Hates the Outdoors - Clumsy - Childish

This is Rocky Giggs, I am told Time travel is his problem.  He says he had a time machine and he used to travel a lot into the past and into the future and his experiences while time travelling puddled his brain.   Of course, nobody really believes in time travel, they just think he is mad!!

Insane - Absent Minded - Hates the Outdoors - Neurotic - Dramatic

This is Viola Sharpe, they always say don't they chose your house mates carefully when you live in a shared house!!!  Viola had bad house mates and combined with other things, believing too much in the "hand of fate" and the wish fairy - she drove herself nuts.

Insane - Absent Minded - Hates the Outdoors - No Sense of Humour - Inappropriate

This is Coconut Rum Tartlet - unfortunately she was just born this way.

Insane - Absent Minded - Hates the Outdoors - Hot Headed - Coward

Unfortuantely this is a pretty run down place - there are eight of you living here and only five single beds.

There is only one small bathroom for you all to share

The kitchen area is very basic, no mod cons except for one cranky old washing machine.  There are only two dining chairs at the small dining table.

There is a tv room and a day room.  In the tv room there is an old cheap tv, a two seater couch and a small bookcase.  In the day room, there is a treadmill, an easel, a chess table, a guitar and a sculpting table.

And the hallway, which I have noticed seems to be where most of your house mates tend to stand for most of the day, I am not really sure why they all seem to congregate here - maybe you can work that one out!!

So this is your home for the foreseeable - until you can prove to your psychiatrist that you are sane enough to be released from this place.  
This is ridiculous, I shouldn't even be in here!!!
There are only a few things you need to know - all of your house mates are not allowed to leave the asylum grounds at any time, the big gates out front will not open for them because everyone is electronically tagged.
Is that what this thing is on my wrist.
Yes you all have one - yours will activate the gates to open twice a day for when you go too and from work, a car will transport you there and back.  The only time you can ever leave this place other than for work is if you go grocery shopping or too the bookstore, again you will be transported and supervised no wandering off anywhere, it is just not allowed.
What about if I don't want to follow their rules!!
Then your privilege to work will be taken away from you and then you will also be stuck in the asylum 24/7 for the rest of your life with no way out!!!
But what if I get friends I can go to their houses right?!
No if you have to socialise with anyone they come here.
This is not good you know!!
I know but your luckier than your house mates, at least you have a chance to get out - they don't - so Marty DON'T MESS IT UP!!


I am dong the Asylum Challenge the rules can be found here
I love the idea of this - have not actually seen one completed - so I just hope I get it right!!

Thank you for the loan of your sims and letting me change thier traits.  I have linked all borrowed sims to their creators on the Familiar Faces page.

I agonised over adding a few to the asylum because  I hate the thought of being cruel to sims that I really like but they are sims I just can not help keep playing with - mainly Lex Swan and Rocky Giggs - but I had to have something nice to look at in amongst all the insanity lol


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  3. I can't wait to see what they get up to. And definitively a fun to read. I love the story for each of how they became that way.

  4. All of the inmates look fun. I like their background stories. The description for Coconut cracked me up LoL

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