Monday, 19 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 10


I was pleasantly surprised when Yesenia brought Elijaha home from school with her, 
it seems the wishing well did work after all!!!   After a sleep over they are now permanently attached at the lips!!

Marty has such a smiley face since he's seen the twins.
Love the slippers Phillip!!

Talking of Phillip - he is starting to pee his siblings off
playing his guitar in the bedroom while they are trying to sleep

Baby bump = baby 10 is on the way
mmm and you might well ask what Danica is doing in Marty's bedroom!?

It seems that Family Oriented women only have one thing on their mind!!
Woohoo and baby making!!  and Marty is definitely not complaining.

Opps!!!  Now that is embarrassing!!

and away he goes again on another romantic disaster no doubt!!!
While I'm not looking - they are kissing and getting romantically involved.

We find out Elijaha is a coward
He really doesn't take too well to Springs ghost roaming around

Michale has found something different to do other than chasing the maid around.
He's decided to take up fishing and he's added to the gnome collection by catching the Master Manchu magic gnome.

Well the fishing didn't last long because he gets a phone call from guess who
yes the maid!!

LOL - I wander who this was -  
Phillip is the biggest prankster in the house with his rebellious trait
Marty who is a neurotic tap twiddler falls for it every time!!

Damn kids!!!

Tamra sees he sisters love life blooming and she wants one.
So it's time to kiss Kermit.

and Jamar appears
mmm not quite what I would have liked for Tamra

Another romance that is blooming

Looks like we might have another wishing well success with Tamra and Jamar.

The Maid is seriously mooning over Michale!!!
I have thought about it - But she is not having him - she's the best maid I've ever had so she keeps her job rather than get Marty's boy - LOL  If she wants him she'll have to fight for him herself when he grows up.

The baby bump is getting huge

Danica is making a start to cook something in the kitchen
When she picks up the food and walks outside with it - I watched her walk off the lot with it so I followed her she turned up at the park cooking ingredience still in her hand.

Housemates must have it in their contract that they must take part in all the protests going on in town!!  Just like Maureen did - Danica starts a protest.

"No more Llama in our sausages and burgers!!!"

Look who I spy - a pregnant Joan
Marty has another grandchild on the way!!

Joan gets on her soapbox and starts ranting.

For the first time I see on the portrait panel a housemate whos needs are very red.
Danica is obviously hungry and stands in the park picking up the ingredience - there is no microwave - so she puts them down and keeps on doing it continuously while she is dying of starvation!!!  So I had to send Michale (the only one awake) out to rescue her.  I got him to cook a meal in the park so he could call her to eat hopefully distracting her away from the ingredience.

Which he burnt - lol - I don't think he has cooked anything before

But it worked - she left the ingredience and ate the burnt food.

Michale got to watch his Mother ranting before he went home with Danika

Now we seem to have a problem with Danika
her needs doesn't stay green for long before its back in the red and stays red

Even after spending the whole night eating plate after plate of food she still appears to be hungry.
Luckily she has the sense to feed herself!!

Danika is still at the table eating at dinnertime the next day
after finishing off a whole 8 servings of autumn salad to herself.
 When the baby decides to put in an appearance

I would howl if the baby gets the vegetarian trait!!!

Baby number 10 = Cody
Loves the Outdoors - Grumpy

Danika = "No you stupid woman, I don't need a plate, I don't want to eat him!!"
Maid = "I'm surprised, you've eaten everything else in the kitchen!!"

and baby number 11 = Latoya
Loves the Outdoors - Absent Minded

Dad is left to feed the new arrivals

while Mom goes off to eat some more!!
The woman has worms!!!!

Babies 11 = 89 left
Grandchildren 1 = 29 left


  1. Is story progression making everyone outside the house pregnant? Martys know how to multiply =o

    Haha! The maid giving the plate for the baby ^^; Aye..that reminds me of that TS2 mod where you can eat babies :s

    Even though that the babies in this game look like sasuages...don't eat them =d :P

    and aren't pregnant women always hungry? O.o

    1. Yes SP is making the outside pregnancy's. Danials 1st child I made before they moved out but his second and third ;) sp are responsible for.

      LOL - no I am not getting the legs mod - my babies are not babies long enough to warrant the hassle of going into cas to change them :)

      No Danika is glitchy - she did nothing but constantly eat in the end - her needs were permanatly on red - then she took root - but you'll see that next chapter :/

    2. I didn't say get the legs mod =o No! it's a mod for TS2 its a grill! Bad mod =d

      and Mhm..i've noticed =d she is a better baby shelf than Leighton...Mhm..maybe not Leighton does something, shame you had to get rid of her =d

  2. Oh seem to pick some real winners to fall

    Everything seems to be going along nicely and Marty's oldest son just may give you most of Marty's grandkids before any of the other kids even have a chance to get started....lmao

  3. Wow what was going on with Danica? Seriously. LOL. Her needs going red constantly? That's so weird! =D

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