Friday, 23 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 13


Phillip proposes to Marsha

Although I have my doubts that Phillip and Marsha are going to last
Marsha suddenly starts flirting with Marty and grows an obssession with him
(which continutes after they move out - love letters and phonecalls every day
as well as the phone calls asking Marty if he wants to go out on a date)
She should be ashamed of herself!!

Becky is in the bedroom huffing and puffing
her baby is on the way

Baby Fourteen
one little boy this time Marlin
he is a Heavy Sleeper and Artistic

I really do not like Marsha - She stole Marlins candy!!  
Then she just walked off and left him lying on the floor screaming the house down.

Marty had to sort out Marlin.

I moved Phillip and Marsha out before she causes any more trouble
I feel sorry for Phillip now

Cody and Latoya have their birthday

Cody gets the Over emotional trait

Latoya gets the Grumpy trait

Grandchild number 5 arrives

Michale and Lana have had a girl this time


Spring and Sasha are out together tonight
Im not sure why they are not coming out until 5am in the morning
then they are out for most of the daytime.

I was surprised to see Becky actually taking care of her son
to say she doesn't like children she is doing a pretty good job!!

Latoya has become good friends with her half brother Marcel
she goes home with him after school

I was surprised to see that Maureen has a houseful of spirits

The three babies have their birthday




We get a pop up to say that Phillip and Marsha have had a baby
a little boy called Derik
But everytime I check on them there is nobody home?! 
so I havent been able to get to see him yet.

Cody is an angry little boy a lot of the time
he's Grumpy and Over emotional  I guess those traits don't go well together.

Marty is now a single Dad again Jan and Becky have moved out
The three toddlers are running around the garden teaching themselves to walk while the other kids are at school and Marty does some fishing.

We won't get another housemate now until Garrick and Vickie have moved out.

Double take - I thought Marty had shrunk for a minute
but its not Marty - it's Marcel

It's like looking in the mirror!!

Marcel came home with Garrick after school

Marty and Marcel spent most of the night together chatting and training
I thought it was quite sweet.

They got on so well that the box popped up about them living together
so I thought why not so Marcel moves in with his Dad  :)

Marty is invited to a party at Michales house

We spotted a very pregnant Yesenia

Maureen was at the party
Marty I think forgetting that they are not even friends tried to hug her - lol
She was not impressed!!  I should imagine him pinching Marcel hasn't helped matters between them either!!

Marty got to see two of his grandchildren
Ramona is now a toddler

Maureen tries to pull her son in law!!
LMAO - look at Joan's face!!

Jamar wasn't impressed and neither was Marty

Yesenia provided a diversion to the tension
by going into labour

Screaming party!!!

On the way out Marty and Maureen exchanged ..... something?!

Garricks girlfriend is playing hard to get -
she is always too busy when her phones her to invite her round.

Vickie is frog kissing

She got Ted

Marty went round to see his newest grandchild
Grandchild number seven

Yesenia  and Elijaha had a little boy

another houseful of spirits.

We need a ghostbuster!!!!


Babies 14 = 86 left
Grandchildren 7 = 23 left


  1. Wow 7 babies? =o, i always found it weird that babies have lollipops, Like..what does a baby do with a lollipop the silly thing can't even sit up yet O.O

  2. Haha, speaking of a clone challenge, LOL, Marcel is a clone. ROFL. Poor Phillip, his lady is a meanie.