Sunday, 18 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 9


Marty has two boys that he really wants to see
So he gives Maureen time to cool down and tries again the next day

She answers the door with no intention of inviting him inside.

Marty - YOU IDIOT!!!
I hate it when he goes and does stupid things on freewill
Heat of the moment kisses are not really appropriate right now!!!

I saw that coming - Maureen goes ballistic at him

he's just blown any chance he had of getting in to see the twins!!

"Go on Get lost!!  You are not seeing the twins - EVER!!!"

How am I suppose to get to see my boys if she won't even let me in the house??!!
Good question - but I'm thinking!!

We are having two birthdays
Danial and his girlfriend Joan

Danial looks a lot like his Mother

 Joan turns out quite nicely too

 The candles on their birthday cakes are still smoking - 
I like Danials thinking!!  I don't think he plans on wasting any time!!

Marty spends the night talking to Maureen on the computer
hopefully this will help to improve their relationship so that he can get into see the twins.

 Danial and Joan get engaged

and graduate

Marty is trying every thing to get himself back into Maureens good books
He got a letter off her the next day which was not very nice - it amounted to = get lost!!

The youngest two have a birthday - they both gained the bookworm trait



As Danial and Joan have worked out so well -
I sent Yesenia to wish for love

She got Elijah who I'm not sure she was too impressed with at first.
She went off to bed and just left him standing there.

Danial and Joan have a private wedding

Baby chimes
Marty's first grandchild is on the way!!
(remember I want 30 grandchildren from this too)

Phillip has his birthday and gains the rebellious trait

Poor Phillip (not that he noticed) just as he is celebrating his birthday
there is a pop up - Sasha his mother has died

so Marty makes another trip to the graveyard to collect her gravestone
Death by Shark 0.o

The grave had only been in the garden a few hours when she came out.
Happy Birthday Phillip - by the way I'm your Mother!!

She was such a sweet girl when she was in the house - but she was far from sweet all through the night tormenting everyone - nobody hardly got any sleep and she had that much furniture shaking I lost count of how much stuff she got inside.  I hope that shark hasn't made her an angry ghost!!

Danial and Joan have now moved out into their own house
(Well - an additional house that Marty bought)
So he can pop in any time he feels like for a visit

One pregnant Joan
who has got herself a job as a Magician

Danial on the other hand is still unemployed and seems quite happy to
sit on the couch watching tv all day - a little like his mother did!!

I love Phillip he is always active and doing something constructive
he spends a lot of time on the dance bar or playing the guitar

Marty makes a beeline for Spring every time she is out
which is amusing me as they didn't get on when she was alive.

Sims 2 mad cow video

The new housemate arrives - another middle aged woman.
LOL - I think she knows why she is here already
She wants a baby and Marty wants to do some cleaning

Your wishes are granted :)
in the shower with his new housemate
Baby chimes.

While the maid gets stuck into her work!!
Probably because Michale is not around to distract her

Oh heck!!!  Marty has gone all gooey eyed again!!


Danica Kay
Traits = Family Oriented - Unlucky - Good Sense of Humour - Ambitious
She has a music career and works at the threatre

Marty is now a Granddad.
He goes round to meet his first grandchild Sheri Keaton

looking after Joan's plants while he waits for Danial to make something to eat.

Pancake meal at midnight - lol

When he gets back Danica is out in the garden
getting what she wished for

and the baby wishes have come true
first sign of baby 10 on the way

We have gained a new gnome
We don't have any singers in the house so I'm not sure where he came from??!!

Garrick and Vickie are both waiting for Marty to read them a bedtime story
its 3am in the morning - they are going to be tired at school tomorrow!!

He tries again with Maureen to see the twins.
He rang the doorbell and she walked out with Chase - at first she looked like she was going out but seemed to change her mind when she got to the pavement - she turned round to face him.

Chase is another cutie!!

She didn't shout at him which makes a change!!

Then Marcel came out

Marcel is a mini Marty - lol

Marty is such a sap!!
Look at how happy he is from getting to see his boys!!

They didn't speak just had a staring competition
then she went off to work and he had to leave because she hadn't actually invited him in - the boys went inside with the baby sitter and Marty was locked out - lmao.

So we get to see babies 8 and 9 finally



Babies 9 = 91 to go
Grandchildren 1 = 29 to go


  1. Are you doing your 30 babies with Marty too? =o I have to slow down again xD Sam has two weeks till he's a young adult so i should find a 2nd home soon :P

    Death by shark? O.O Haven't seen a shark eating people yet O.O

    Still cute kiddies :D & Congrats to Marty being a grandad ^^
    and of course he would be happy to see his twins ^^

    1. I am trying for the 30 grandchildren in this one and in Sam & Reds file - it just depends on who does it first :D LOL yes you do need to slow down - only joking. I need to get my head off Marty and back onto Sam :D

      Yeah I know death by shark in build town!!!??? I was a little shocked by that one LMAO. The ghost is pretty cool though!!

    2. Either way you'll get the badge in better chances i think ^^; that's if you haven't got it already! I hope to get it this time around, when i first did it i think it took me too long and the game updated and it got confused =d BUT NOT THIS TIME! Might make the adult ages longer...cause there are more adult ages really ^^;

      Whoa build town? O.o Well...expect the unexpected! I didn't expect to find any shells in normal water but i found a crap tone of them ^^

  2. Ooh nice Danial, getting started on the grandchildren badge, what a nice Sim. LOL. Another one of the mothers died? Sheesh. Her ghost is really cool looking. Maybe the singer gnome came from Phillip because he does music stuff? Phillip's a hottie, haha! Well that's good Marty got to see his twins even if he did get locked out afterwards. LOL. Haha I guess the wishing well doesn't always work.

    1. Yes Danial is definitely getting stuck in with the grandchildren - they have two now :) as you will see soon. The second child they have managed all on their own. Yeah I think SP is working overtime to fill up the cemetery - the town is virtually empty at the moment so there are not too many sims around for sp to pick on. Yeah Phillip is cute :)

  3. Aw, he finally got to see his boys, good for him.

    Danica looks nice but her sweater makes me think that she will turn out to be a crazy cat lady once you kick her out without her

    1. I know I don't like her jumper either - but Im not messing with anyones clothes - they are keeping what the game gives them unless they are completely awful. Im only changing the hair :)