Friday, 16 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 7


Chapter 7 - Divorce


Finally one of Marty's kids actually looks like him!!



The four older kids all come home from school and do their homework together.

Danial has had a VERY stressful day at school being a loner he hates being in crowds of people that he doesn't know so he always comes home very stressed.  I clicked on his stressed moodlet so that he would find something to do to de-stress himself
I didn't expect him to do what he did!!

He threw a coin into the wishing well and wished for Love

Kermit = "Kiss me"
Danial = "Ewww do I really have to??!!"

Danial = "Mmmm you taste like chicken!!"

Danial is now in love = Joan

I think Marty is starting to worry about his sons sanity
when he told him Joan came out of the wishing well

Springs ghost comes out at 6am again

Danial sends Joan a love letter instead of eating breakfast

Finishes off Phillips potty training (automonously)

then he talks to his Mother before he goes off to school

I'm beginning to think that gnome is a bit wierd
he is permanently hanging out around the potty rather than with the other gnomes

Phillip has his birthday

Marty has the twins out on the garden in their walkers while he's fishing
Maureen comes out and disturbs him.

She breaks up with Marty 0.o

"It's OVER - FINISHED - We are getting a DIVORCE!!"

"If you think I'm going to spend the rest of my life bringing up all your illegitimate children you can forget it - because I'm not!!!"

"You are a dirty cheating rat!!"

Marty that will teach you to get romantically involved with one of the baby Mothers
when you are doing a 100 baby challenge!!!!

Poor Garrick and Vickie are a little stressed out
after witnessing the breakup

I think Phillip wants to be a ballet dancer

Marty is working out his frustration

After a sleep Maureen decides its time she moved out.

Bye Maureen!!

Knocked out by the smell??
That will teach him for keep hanging around the potty!!!

 Now Marty gets to play Mommy and Daddy
The kids don't seem bothered about Maureens departure
unlike Marty who doesn't stop sniveling.

When all the kids are asleep he goes over the road to the grocery store to sell all the fruit, veg and fish that are weighing his pockets down.
He went taring off when he came out of the grocery store - he had spotted Maureen
flirting with another bloke - and he didn't like it - LOL

Maureen and her flirty friend walk off.
Tracey comes over to Marty to cheer him up (bless)
Now she keeps sending him love letters - lol

Marty you need to get over it!!
I can't!!
You big Sap!!

While Marty is going through a painful divorce
Danials love life is blossoming

The wishing well has matched these two up really well
they are obsessed with each other.

I think all of Marty's kids future spouses may well come from the wishing well :)



  1. Even though the kiddies look like Marty they are still super cute :D and no doubt about that! ^^

    and aw =d well the break up was expected though better now than never right?

    Haha xD Kermit! Awesome!

    1. I guessed it wouldn't last long - however if it wasn't for the public disgraces I'm not sure that Maureen would have noticed lol Marty just drove me nutz with his wishes - i couldn't do anything else with him.

      LOL - I guessed you would like Kermit - and you will probably be seeing him often - as im also trying to do the 30 grandchildren badge in this file as well as with Sam - im going to try and move the first 30 kids out with spouces and a granchild on the way :)

  2. Aw...poor Marty has a broken heart! I am sure he will get over it soon enough though.

    I got Barca the no jealousy reward so I don't have to put up with that crap in my game. Meredith drove me nuts yelling at Barca all the time! You should get it for Marty, then it wont matter if they become romantic interest.

    1. I thought the no jealousy would only work for him not being jealous - would it stop his romantic interests not bother about his antics??

      I plan not to let him get romantically involved with anyone else - he took Maureen into his own hands and I couldnt quite get to him quick enough to stop him from kissing her (fisty) that heat of the moment kiss has a lot to answer for lol

  3. No it works for other people getting jealous about what your doing. So now no one cares that he has multiple romantic interest and everyone gets along well.

    1. AAAWWW well aren't I stupid - LMAO - That has been there all the time and I didn't know it worked like that!!! Yes Marty is definately getting a dose of that!! :)

  4. Well that's good at least that Maureen decided to divorce Marty or there'd be a lot of yelling in that house... all the time. LOL. That's great the wishing well is so effective. It'd be a shame if the well gave a spouse that didn't get along with you, although it might be kind of humorous. =D