Thursday, 8 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 3

Quick Note 
I am changing the writing style that I usually use on my Marty blog for this clone.
So that I don't make this a chore - I want to make it stress free and quick and fun for me to do so from now on I will be using just a narrating style.


Daniel is very cute to say he is Marty's son!!  He has escaped Marty's horrible cheek bones.  Spring has now left the house so Marty becomes a single Dad.

Marty makes a start on teaching Daniel how to talk and potty train him while he is waiting for the next housemate to arrive.

Danial has the loner trait and he is very happy to be left alone in the playpen or playing with his floor toys.  He didn't get an IF in the post (Yipee!!)  I hope that is going to apply to all the housemates babies!!!!

While Marty is earning some pennies by catching fish Daniel who loves the outdoors is happy to run around the garden in his baby walker.

With the bonus that he teaches himself to walk in the process, which amuses Marty because its one less job for him to do!!  I notice Spring leaving work (the grocery shop over the road) but she doesn't come to see her son.

I'm a little amused when I notice there are two women standing in the kitchen, both of them appearing on the portrait panel.  For some reason the housemate service sent Marty two housemates instead of one.

Marty is a little amused at first

Then he gets a little stressed having to chose which one he's keeping and which one he's going to kick out.

But it didn't take him long!!!

He has gone all gooey eyed!!

Second Housemate

Maureen Hozman
Traits = Virtuoso, Neurotic, Natural Cook, Hopeless Romantic, Loves the Outdoors
she also works in the grocery store over the road

Marty really likes Maureen - she is a lot like him being neurotic she never stops cleaning the house.

Maureen is even helping out with Danial, she spends a lot of time with him playing and tending to his needs.

Marty is really falling for this housemate

Then he decides to take proceedings into his own hands before I can stop him he is kissing her.  (I was trying not to let him get romantically involved with the housemates)

NOOOOOOO Marty you idiot!!!

Now he has gone and got himself romantically attached to Maureen
Oh well, at least its mission accomplished first go this time around!!
Baby chimes

Flowers for Marty - how cute!!

Its a good job he doesn't get hay fever!!

Marty has lost his head
there is loads of flirting and woohoo going on automonously
he is really going to hate me when I kick Maureen out!!!

I've had to get Danial a teddy to keep him company, he didn't get an IF doll and his Dad is otherwise occupied all the time with his housemate.

First signs of there being a baby on the way

There was a pop up saying that (Danial's Mom) Spring had drown 0.o
Marty wished to see a ghost so I sent him off to the graveyard to collect Springs grave.

So Springs grave is now sitting out in the garden

Things are getting a little too cosy between Marty and Maureen.

I think somebody is going to get his heart broken after the baby has arrived!!



  1. Why didn't you keep the both and let them both get pregnant? I think things will move more quicker ^^;

    The Walker and playpen is so useful! ^^

    1. If it happens again I might keep them both - I did think that after I'd kicked the one out.
      Yeah the playpen especially is going to be so much help especially with no IF's arriving :)

  2. LOL the walker teaches them how to walk? That's great. Wow Spring drowned? LOL, was her couch in the ocean?

    1. LOL yeah I think it must be - I could actually imagine her sitting there underwater watching tv forgetting she needs air!!

  3. I love the playpen and walker!! I don't know how I ever survived without

    I also think if two are sent again you should just impregnate both. You never know it might make some drama and I know how much you love for your sims to have drama! Lol

    1. Drama queen - that's me LOL - you know in real life I am far from a Drama queen but my hubby - now - he is a propper Diva - I get it from watching him!!