Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 5


Chapter 5 - Baby 5


Danial is already showing to have a lot more energy than his mother ever had!!!   
He loves the dancing flower.

Maureen is turning out to be a really good mother 
she doesn't leave the babies alone for a minute.

Marty is not doing a bad job either
With the two of them - bringing up these triplets is a breeze and Maureen gets to stay around for a little longer - at least until they are all walking and talking.

Although there is way too much of this going on for my liking!!

It's a good job that Danial is a loner, with the babies and love affair going on he is not getting a lot of attention from anyone.

The triplets are happily playing

Oops!!  Caught in the act.

Marty decides to read a pregnancy book - better late than never - lol
Yesenia loves to keep taking herself outside to play - she is another loner.

I noticed Maureen running off the lot so I followed her
she went to the park to do a protest

I found this very amuzing!!
while i'm off watching Maureen Marty is sending her secret admirer texts - LOL
I think he really has it bad!!

Marty is now SULKING - Maureen has been dismissed and has moved out.
Now he has to fill his free time catching up on his neglected garden - he is not a happy bunny!!!

He also makes a start on potty training the triplets

The next morning at 9am - along come the new housemate
who tried stealing coins out of the wishing well before she entered the house


Sasha Willingham
Traits = Athletic - Equestrian - Night owl - Handy - Savy Sculptor
She is a playground monitor and works at the school.

However, Sasha didn't come alone - two housemates arrived again ..........

Yes - Maureen is back - LMAO
Talk about making me feel guilty
I dismissed her again :(

Sasha is Athletic and keeps working out.

her Athleticism seemed to catch Marty's eye for a moment!!

So we got working on the baby making.

He really doesn't look happy with what he's just done does he!!

"OMG!!! I hope Maureen doesn't find out about this!!"

While Sasha is quite happy to look after the triplets, 
Marty goes outside to do some fishing to clear his head.

The next morning Mareen appeared on the portrait panel again!!
She has moved in as the second housemate again.  I can't get rid of her!!

Within minutes they are off having some fun of their own making
The wishes he is rolling are killing me so I decided to let her stay - for now.

Sasha kicks them out of the bathroom because she needed to throw up
 The next baby is on its way!!

This is cosy, but I can't see it staying like this for too long.  I wander how Maureen is going to react to the incoming baby that has not started to show yet.

Spring keeps disturbing Danials sleep.

Danial really does not like his mothers ghosts!!

She is out again during the daytime to watch tv all day

While Marty and Maureen are busy with each other all the time ......

Sasha gets to take care of all the triplets needs.

I bet she is wandering what is going on here, 
Well this is great!!  He's knocked me up now look at him 
I'm just his bit on the side, aren't I??!!

While Mareen was away from the house the second time she changed her job
She is now a magician.

Marty is continuously clogging up his wishes with Maureen
so I gave in to him.


Oh boy - Marty is going to get the shock of his life
when in a few years time his wife turns into an O.A.P!!
She is not too far off becoming elderly.

Baby on the way

Not quite the wedding night bed activity that I would have expected -LOL

Broken Brolly

Mmmm I wander what I can use this for?!

Marty and Maureen find another use for her Magic box

The baby bump is getting huge!!

His wife doesn't seem to be bothered by the pregnant woman living with them.
Wait till she finds out its Martys baby!!!

Danial is making himself useful by helping to keep the house clean.

 Baby number five is on the way

I'm surprised that there is only one.

A little boy called Phillip
Traits = Virtuoso and Athletic

Babies 5 = 95 to go

This housemate system seems to have a mind of its own.  Not only does it keep sending me two housemates when it is set for one - it sent me Maureen twice after I dismissed her.  I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come - reoccurring housemates - then I'm in trouble!!!!  I didn't get reaccuring housemates in my test file (rolls eyes).


  1. Oh =o so that's why they call it a "magic box"

    Haha Marty's worried face xP *Oh dear i made a big booboo ._.* :P

    Cute nooboos are really cute ^^

    1. I'm afraid he will be having to make a lot more big booboo's before this ordeal is over for him :/

  2. She keeps showing up because they were destined to be and they made cute babies together. That is always a bonus where Marty is concerned.

    This housemate thing sounds really interesting. I think I am going to try it out in my game and see how it goes.

    1. Yeah I know - lol - she was making sure she was going nowhere - but she might actually be regretting it now as you will see in the next chapter.

      The housemate system is fun - you can fill your house with them - any you dont like kick out and a new one will turn up the next day. However Ive hit a snag with it - it keeps sending back to me dismissed housemates - it didnt happen in my test file in an EA world - I'm using an empty custom world and im wandering if that is why it is doing it to me now??!! I might not only be collecting babies doing this - i might have to collect graves too (hides under a chair) and forcekill them once they have supplied the babies.


      Marty will have a house full of pissed off ghost women! That could get entertaining.

      I just started a file in MF. Not really sure what I am going to do with it yet. But I do know that all the roommates will be receiving a makeover thats for sure. Just a little one, nothing to

    3. LOL - yeah it might be a little amusing!! But I might leave them at the cemetery. Its ashame he cant make ghost babies with them!! Ill have to see what happens.
      It would be interesting to know how you get on with it!! :) Ive got another file going with housemates and its quite amusing :)

  3. Oh wow it kept sending Maureen! And now they're married? Haha, it seems all the housemates keep coming back in one form or another. Spring being a ghost and taking up her usual spot on the couch. Uh oh, he's going to have four babies in the house now? Some of them better grow up or there will be lots of crying. LOL.