Saturday, 17 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 8


Birthdays and Surprises


It is birthday time for the triplets

First Michale

Next Tamra

Lastly Yesenia

Mmmm yes he is very cute!!!
Keep your eyes off Joan - you are spoken for!!!

Random cuteness!!

Even the maid who is usually very good at her job
does nothing today because she is distracted by Michale

Now there are 4 mischievous teenagers in the house
Marty is constantly being had by their pranks

Damn Kids!!!!

Spring is out at a strange time again 4pm today

She didn't get what she wished for.

Marty and Spring seem to get on much better now that she is dead - lol

I am saying nothing!!!

No he is not being dirty - but you thought it didn't you!!!
he is athletically training Spring

More random cuteness

Danial has fished up a new gnome

Yesenia is now grounded after getting into trouble three times today.
First she skipped school then got caught setting two booby traps.

We have a visitor Maureen turns up on the garden
(I start choking on my coffee!!!)
If my eyes don't deceive me she looks very pregnant
and her flirty friend is hanging around over the road.

Danial is quick to spot the baby bump.

Marty comes out and aumtomatically goes to feel the baby bump
but Maureen won't let him!!

(from Martys reaction I presume it is his - especially as he rolls the wish to read a pregnancy book - maybe the last encounter in the shower - which she started and came out of the blue while they were fighting was a try for baby instead of just woohoo, although I didn't hear any baby chimes - or is SP making mischief again?!)

They have another fight and she goes into the house
and promptly goes into labour

She screams the house down for half an hour
 then takes herself off home (there isn't a hospital in this town)

So I send Marty after her.
Before Marty gets off the garden this pops up
then the game pops up Marty is now the father of twins
Chase and Marcel

Outside Maureens house
She answers the door to him straight away but goes ballistic at him
she is not letting him in!!

"I want to see my babies"
"Well you can't they are asleep now get lost!!"

All Marty can do is look at them through the window

Baby eight and nine

Now do I steal them or leave them where they are????


I am having to wait now for Danial to age up and move out to make space for the next housemate to arrive - so Chase and Marcel - babies 8 and 9 were a nice surprise because I had no clue that they were coming!!
Maureen is living in a bachelor pad = a one roomed bed sit with one bed.  I expected SP to take her over.  If I'd known this was going to happen I would have given her a better house that at least had some baby cots in it.

So now is the question?  Do I snag them with MC for Marty to bring up or leave them where they are and keep a close eye on them??


  1. Looks like someone has got some pretty babies :D
    Marty is a beautiful mermaid! ^^

    I'd say take the babies! Look at them laying on the dog shelf! They're not meant to be there =d

    1. Yes he does :)

      I want to snag them - but I think ill be leaving them where they are and moving them to a better house :) I might try to move them into one of Martys additional houses so Marty can walk in anytime.

  2. O.o are you sure those three teens are Marty's?!?! Lol....they look to pretty to be his!

    I say leave the babies with the mama. It would seem to me like she needs some happiness in her life. Just move her and the twins in to a better home close to Marty. That way it will be easier to keep an eye on them.

    1. LOL - yes they are definately Martys. I've absolutely love Michale - and Phillip. Phillip more for his charactor. I think I might be using Michale in my rainbow somewhere down the line - black/brown mixed berry - or I might brown berry him ;)

      Im torn with the twins that Maureen has - I could definitely use the space they would occupy if I snagged them. I am leaning towards leaving them where they are.

  3. Apparently Marty's genes are not very strong, which seems to benefit the children a lot, especially Michale, LOL. Ooh Phillip wants to be a ballet dancer? Nice. If he does... a lot of those ballet dancers have really nice bodies. Haha, he'd be one fine young adult. =)

    1. LOL - it's unusual for Martys genes not to be very strong - it won't last - you wait - those cheekbones are coming!!!! :D