Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 4


Chapter 4 - Babies 2, 3 & 4


Marty got a little more than he bargained for when he took a shower for two!!

A baby bump - so his next baby is on the way.

and a broken shower

Spring came out to visit - although I think her body clock might be a little messed up because she didn't come out until 6am and spent the whole day out.  But then again best TV is day time tv there is not a lot on during the night is there - so maybe she is out in the day time on purpose.

so Marty got to see the ghost he wanted even though he looked a little disturbed by it at first

Marty is pretty amused when Springs ghosts starts to clean up the kitchen - she never did it once while she was alive.

She watched Danial for a while too

 Before she settled in her usual spot in front of the tv and spent the whole day watching her usual cooking programmes.

Marty decided he wanted to take his son out for a stroll in the buggy

and while he is away Spring and Maureen get to know each other.
or is spring giving her some friendly advice??!!

The baby bump is growing nicely

and so is Danial who is now using he potty chair on his own.

It's such a cheat that wishing well (lol)
Marty catches his first robot fish

Babies on it's way

Baby number two

is a little boy the game named Michale

I am a little surprised when she starts to do this ...

I only gave Marty the fertility treatment reward literally minutes before the first baby started coming.


a little girl called Tamra

No wait - she hasn't finished!!


another little girl called Yesenia   0.o
(I seriously have no control over these names!!)

 Baby Two, Three and Four

"I really hope you are done now - I'm not sure I can look after more than one baby at a time!!!! and hurry up feeding that baby, I fancy a shower!!"

Now I swear Marty was trying to pull a swift one opting for autonomous try for baby

Marty = "Hopefully she'll have to let you stay longer now!!"
Julie = "Ha! Ha! no baby chimes!!!!"

While they were busy with the triplets arriving and trying to make more babies - the kitchen was busy flooding.

Marty is very neurotic about floods and puddles of water - when he spots it he snatches Danial up out of the playpen like he is saving him from drowning - lol

While Marty fixes the sink and cleans up the flood
Danial has his birthday



traits = Light Sleeper and Easily Impressed


Traits = Loner and Clumsy


Traits = Loner and excitable

Babies 4 = 96 to go 0.o


  1. Awe....the triplets are cute! That is rare for Marty offspring...lol

    1. Yes it is very rare - lol I can only see his mouth and eye colour in the offspring so far!!

    2. Well you're just breeding him with Face 1 they all look the same except for body sliders, skintone, eyecolor, eyebrows, and haircolor. Uh, and clothes\hairstyle too.

  2. Muhahaha once again my theory is correct with Marty being a beautiful mermaid ^^, Look at his babies they are cute :D

    I always get excited when i get mixed gender twins ^^;

    if Marty wants Maureen to stay longer he's got to do a better job than that :P Put more effort into it man! *shakes fist*

    1. Yes he does always have cute kids when his cheekbones are not involved LMAO. I've already got my eye on Michale for my rainbow :) he already looks like a black/brown mixed berry :)

  3. Oh my, triplets. LOL. Hopefully Marty doesn't go crazy from all the crying and puddles. Wow, Spring. I guess dying made her a neater person. ROFL. O_O Gravestone when she was talking to Maureen? Is that a threat? Hahaha. =)