Thursday, 15 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Babies 6 and 7

So far so good - Maureen still doesn't suspect anything, even though Marty has been left holding the baby and Sasha moves out straight away.

Danial gets into trouble with his Step-Mom.
He spent the morning painting instead of going to school.

Publically discraced for having a baby out of wedlock.
Oops - its only a matter of time!!

Maureen is not impressed!!
She's finally works it out  - Marty has been cheating on her!!

Mareen now won't even talk to him without having a go at him
so he spends most of his spare time with Phillip (who is another cutie!!)

Danial is not too impressed with his Dad either!!

Random picture of Phillip

The new housemate has arrived.


Lorie Crow
Traits = Handy - Artistic - Hates the Outdoors - unlucky - Green thumb
She works in the grocery store

Marty is not having a good day
First he has a fight with Maureen
then he is bickering with Lorie over clashing traits

No Marty - Don't do it - Lifes not that bad!!!!!
I'm not trying to drown myself idiot I'm trying to steal coins!!

My wife is mad and ignoring me - so why not!!
Baby chimes.

Birthday time
It was meant to be a nice family party with 4 birthday cakes
until another public disgrace pops up - this time for cheating and all hell broke lose!!

Maureen flipped out and spent most of the night laying into Marty

Lori ended up supervising the triplets birthday cakes.
I hope she is feeling guilty!!

Danial becomes a teen
he gained the Supernatural Fan trait

Michale gained the daredevil trait

Tamra gained the Photographic Eye trait

Yesenia gained the Neat trait

Eating your birthday cake and listening to your parents fighting
does not make for a happy birthday!!

Maureen goes to bed in a really bad mood

Marty is banished to the sofa
He can't sleep with Maureen and all the beds are taken

When Maureen gets up he tries to make it up with her

but she really is having none of it!!!

Look at the miserable face on that!!!!

When the kids go to school he jumps into one of thier beds
to catch up on his lack of sleep.
After he has had a snivel like a big girls blouse.

Lorie is throwing up
signs of baby six being on the way

I find it a little strange to have Hates the Outdoors and Green thumb traits together - Lori hates the outdoors but she is green thumbed and spends a lot of time out in the garden.

Maureen has pretty much had nothing to do with Phillip or Danial
while she has been very good with her own children.

The awkward silence is torture!!

Marty is constantly sniveling

Maureen is kicking off again!!

 Michale: "What were you and my Daddie doing in the steamy shower??"
 Marty: "Shhhh son don't tell your mother"
Maureen: "Too late I've already heard!!"

 Shit now she knows it was Lorie!!!!
(If looks could kill)

 Yeah I suppose cooking her favourite meal
might help to get you back into your wifes good books.

It was going okay - they actually had a civil conversation

Until a very visibly pregnant Lorie sat down
and stuck the knife in a little more!!

Danial has found a new pastime that he enjoys - fishing.

He caught a treasure box

The box contained a magical gnome

I love the way Marty always rubs the baby bumps he's responsible for!!

Then Maureen swoops out of nowhere
She wants something.

Marty thinks he's been forgiven and tries to hug her.

"Oh No!!!  This doesn't change anything -  I'm still mad with you
I only wanted your body - I'm done with you now!!"

The door bell rings - we have a visitor.

She might be a friend of Lorie's

Tracey turns out to be a Paparazzi
Danial seems to like her.

Mmm possible girlfriend material for Danial when he grows up!!??

Baby on the way


Baby number six

Garrick = Excitable and Hydrophobic

Baby number seven

Vickie = Friendly and Hydrophobic

Babies 7 = 93 to go



  1. I find it funny how they're hydrophobic when they were conceived in a shower xD

    1. LOL - yeah - I never thought about that!!

  2. Marty is always going to be in

    Do any of the roommates adopt pets that become a member of the house? It has happened to me twice now and when you kick the roommate out the pet does not leave.

    1. LMAO - I'm having a right scream with this at the moment - Trouble isn't the word for it - its getting entertaining. Ive never known Marty be such a sap before over a woman - lmao!!

      I just commented on your project blog - no ive had no pets - i would be hopping mad!!! - i dont play with the pets they annoy me - i love animals and have pets in real life but i dont know why they irritate me in my game so much. Its a little crazy because i can handle a houseful of babies and toddlers no problem - most of the pets ive had ingame are collected by the social workers (blush)

  3. I think you should start looking for other places to woohoo if the babies are getting frightened of water! :P

    Speaking of babies i have that baby bath in my game now and all the babies do is cry O.o i thought babies like baths!

    1. LOL - I don't chose where they woohoo - i just click on try for baby on the target sim and they find their own place. They wont use the bed because they are not romantically connected - i suppose i should put a few more woohoo places into the house.

      I havent seen the baby bath I don't think - which set does that come with?

  4. Oh Marty, this is why you don't get married when your creator makes you do a 100 baby challenge. LOL. Oh! The Hates the Outdoors and the Green Thumb thing? I was thinking indoor garden, like a greenhouse. That'd be the only way it would make sense. =D