Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Clone 4 - Chapter 11


Phillip makes a beeline for his new brother and sister
and helps his Dad look after their baby needs.

Danika doesn't bother with the babies
she's too busy just eating and planning the next pregnancy
 (which she wont get if I can help it)

It's Michales turn to kiss Kermit

He gets Lana

It is birthday time for Garrick and Vickie

Garick got the charasmatic trait

Vickie got the light sleeper trait

Marty goes round to Danials to visit his grandchildren
Danials second child has arrived - another girl called Martha

Grandchild number one = Sheri is now a toddler
Sheri has inherited her black eyes from her Grandad

Now it gets a bit boring because we have a lot of birthdays.

The twins become toddlers

Cody (another mini Marty)


I was really dreading this
The triplets and their romantic interests have their birthdays
six birthdays and cakes and this was the aftermath!!  LOL




Spring turned up to the birthday party

and had Elijaha flaked out on the floor for most of the night

Elijah - Yesenia's boyfriend

Jamar - Tamra's boyfriend

Lana - Michales girlfriend

Mass orgy going on in the bathroom
with 6 new young adults in the house they all can't wait to play to new game they have available to them.  Marty stands and watches all three of his triplets take showers for two LMAO

Michale and Lana took the game a little too far
Baby chimes.

Marty and Danika just stood there the whole time watching
forgetting the reason why they were there in the first place
to do the same thing.

I need to get the triplets and their partners out of the house
they are driving me crackers - lol

Yesenia and Elijaha get engaged

and so do Tamra and Jamar

Garrick - Phillip and Vickie go to prom

Phillip and Garrick come out of prom with a romantic interest
So there is no frog kissing for Phillip and Garrick!!

Vickie is prom queen and Phillip prom king

I've had to silence Michales phone
he's constantly getting phonecalls from his best friend
The maid.

She seriously is not leaving him alone for a minute

Lana is getting morning sickness
Marty's third grandchild is brewing :)

Marty and his family are off to graduation

After Graduation
Yesenia, Tamra, Elijha and Jamar move out into a new house together that Marty owns
Then SP moves Yesenia and Elijaha GGGRRR into a tiny house

Baby bump - Michale and Lana's baby is on the way

Then glitchy Danika takes root - litterally
She is just stuck standing in one spot and all she is moving is her head
it's the strangest thing I've ever seen!!!

I couldnt get a very hungry Latoya off her - every interaction that I tried to do on her she didnt respond to.  The only thing that did work on her was dismissing her as a housemate.  She vanished off the portrait panel but still stood there - I reset her and she vanished.

Sorry Marty I might have just killed your love life!! :/

Yesenai and Tamra were only engaged when they moved out but as Michale has a baby on the way I thought I ought to get them married before they move out.

so they get engaged

and married

with the disapproval of the maid - lol

So Michale and Lana move out and in with Tamra and Jamar
(No point letting a nice large house go to waste on just one family)

Which leaves just 6 in the house
Marty - Phillip - Garrick - Vickie - Cody and Latoya

Room for TWO new housemates who will be arriving tomorrow.
(I am expecting one of them to be Danika)

Babies 11 = 89 left
Grandchildren 2 = 28 left



  1. Wow...that was a lot of young adults in the house at the same time.

    What mod do you have that lets you have so many sims at one time. I am sure it's MC or SP which i have but how are you able to see all their pictures? I don't even get to see the pics of the roommates. Is it portrait panel?

    1. yeah its portrait panel - you can have up to 23 sims in a house at once see them on the portrait panel and control them. I couldnt live without it!!! The only thing you have to watch is that the game gets funny about letting them leave if you have too many because the game still works on the 8 rule. So if you are wanting to move them out say if you have 12 in the house - you will have to move 4 out for the game to allow it. Once you go over 16 nobody is moving out ever - only by death :/ unless you cheat them out using MC :)

  2. Whoa =O Woohoo and cake! Now that's a birthday party! With all these kiddies you'll catch up to me in no time :P

    Leighton is just like Danika, but he doesn't get glitched he just stands with babies till they need something, i've renamed him as "The Baby Shelf"

  3. Oh my that was a lot of cake. Oh I guess Danica was just a glitchy Sim, LOL. Maybe if she comes back she'll stop glitching. That's kind of nice you're getting the grandchildren pretty quickly.