Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 16

I think Lilly and Lex's dreams kind of sum it all up don't they!!

 I love the way Lex always stands and watches Lilly sleeping.  I am sure he can read her dreams, the way he reacts to them - either that or he is getting frustrated waiting for her to get out of bed.
Well he will be getting a shock when she does finally rise!!!

I am glad she told him about the baby!!
Do you think he realises what he has done?
What they have done  - it takes two to make a baby remember!!

Well he is talking to her stomach so I think he understands.
Well I just hope they are going to look after this baby and it is not all left to me.

Should you really be doing that while the machine is still on?
I have got no choice, i can not turn it off
Well you be careful water and electrics don't mix!!

I see Liam has managed to get back into Violets good books!!!
I wander how long that is going to last.

Coconut and Lilly seem to be getting on ok, they have been there for hours just nattering.
Lilly is constantly talking about the baby though, it looks like she is excited about the baby coming.
Lets hope she still has that enthusiasm after it has arrived!!

A ghost taking a bath, that is the last thing that Liam expected to find.
Patches looks embarassed!!
She still has feelings even if she is a ghost.

She shoo'd Liam away then got back in and started taking a shower, only to be disturbed by Rocky this time.
Well she always looks pleased when she sees Rocky!!

Has he just legged it out of the bathroom!!
Yeah, I don't think he is feeling brave today, his cowardly streak took over.
Poor Patches she looks so disappointed!!!

It makes a change to see Rocky and Liam fighing!!
Probably because Rocky saw Liam kissing Viola a while back

It is nice to see Lex is taking an interest in the baby bump!!
He can actually be a good Dad when he wants to be.
How would you know?!
I did know him before he turned insane!!

Lex's thoughts have been very interesting lately, especially the marriage thoughts - I think he forgets sometimes that he has commitment issues!!

You know I swear they break something on purpose every time I go to work!!
I wouldn't say they do it on purpose I think it is that everything is cheap and breaks easily.
I just don't have time to upgrade everything!!

Marty I think you might be needed in the hallway.
Why what is going on now?
Lilly is in labour - the baby is coming.

Well do something!!
Like what - what can I do.
Take her to the hospital.
I can't the gate won't open to let her through she has to stay here.
Great well you better hope nothing goes wrong!!

Poor Lex is freaking out!!
Forget Lex Lilly is the one in pain remember!!

Its a boy!!
So have they given him a name?
I don't know yet

So what is happening?
I don't know Lex has walked off and Lilly is just stood there.
I bet she doesn't know what to do with him.

He needs feeding he is going to be crying in a minute!!
Maybe Lilly will feed him.
No she has just plonked him on the floor and now she is pulling faces at him.

So Marty it looks like you will be playing Mom and Dad to baby from now on.
Milo, the baby's name is Milo.
Are you responsible for that name?
No Lilly is.

Lilly has gone to join Lex.  They are relaxing on the beds like they haven't got a care in the world.
Well they haven't have they because they have muggins here to do it for them!!
Stop being such a miserable git!!!

Well Its nice to see one of you is happy with the babies arrival!!
Yeah, mind you I have just seen the strangest thing - Coconut has just decided she wants one!!!
What - a baby - what does she think its a toy or something?
Yeah she just rolled the wish to have a child!!!
Ha! well she can forget it!!!

See, nothing to it your a natural!!
I just hope Milo is going to be safe in here with this lot!!


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  1. Aw, Milo's blue. I hope he get's Lex's eye color. :D Lex has forgotten he has commitment issues with the baby on the way. They do make an adorable couple and I think if you did have the double bed they would have been cuddling instead of just laying in seperate beds next to one another.