Thursday, 6 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 6

I see Patches and Coconut are still fighting!!
Yeah - I am hoping once they have both had a sleep, they will forget and leave each other alone.

Your up early!!
Trying to get the gardening done before work, I really need to improve this skill, I am nowhere near getting a promotion, I don't know what I am doing wrong!!
A few of your traits might not be helping, they are probbably holding you back a little but keep at it, you will get there EVENTUALLY!!

WHAT THE ...!!!!!
We had another fire while you was at work, as soon as it started I thought OH NO - the whole house has had it with you not here to put out the fire, but luckily Lex and Lilly put it out.
"So who started the fire?"
You might guess!!
So what happened?

I was busy watching Liam and Viola, they were flirting with each other, I knew Rocky was cooking but wasn't watching him, not that I could have done anything to stop him, I don't know if it was deliberate or not.

Viola tried to kiss Liam again and he pushed her away, they started being nasty to each other, thats when I noticed the cooker was on fire.

Thankfully Lex came rushing in to put out the fire.
And Rocky?
He did a runner when everyone started screaming.

Lily rushed in, and didn't look happy that Lex was the one putting himself in danger, so she grabbed an extinguisher too and helped him put the fire out.
Thank god they did otherwise I dread to think what I would have come home to!!
Don't you think it was sweet though, Lilly helping Lex.
If you say so.

I think we might have trouble in the future with Lex and Lilly
Well their relationship seems to be pretty serious, after they had put out the fire they were hugging each other for ages, like they were relieved they were both unharmed.  They spent the rest of the afternoon in the bedroom, Lilly sleeping and lex lay on the next bed just watching her sleep.

WOW what was all that about?
I don't have a clue, I only asked Lex how his day had been and he kicked off!!
I shouldn't imagine his day has been very good in that little insane world of his.
I suppose.

Patches seems very active today, she has scared virtually everyone in the house bar you today.
I noticed and she is actually the one starting all the fights between her and Coconut.

Your theory didn't work, they have slept on it and are still fighting.
I know and I am getting pretty sick of it, I am thinking its about time I said something to them!!

Is there another fire in the kitchen?
No why?
So why did Coconut run out of the kitchen like that?
I only shouted at them thats all!!

I suppose having a couple in the house has made the bathroom situation easier.
How do you work that out?
Well Lex and Lilly use the bathroom at the same time, they are not bothered about each other being in there while they are using the toilet and showering

You know I think they are in love
I thought we had already come to that conclusion!!
Sorry I just think its kind of sweet!!

I think maybe you shouting at Patches and Coconut might have done the trick.
Well they haven't been fighting have they!!
No but Coconut does has a new friend to shout at.
The fridge!!

You know I think I can see three couples forming here?
What are you on about?
Well there is Lex and Lilly, Viola seems set on only trying to kiss Liam, and Patches and Rocky spend most of their time together when she is not fighting with Coconut and he is not trying to burn the house down!!

Look at how Rocky is watching Patches.
Yeah he is just watching her.
Its more than that - he looks love sick!!
Shut up your imagining things!!

That just leaves you and Coconut.
OH NO - You can forget that!!!!!

What's going on I noticed that your housemates are becoming a little more domesticated lately!!
I noticed that too - I think maybe they are catching on to housework, I suppose they see me doing it enough.
I never thought I would see the day three of them queueing up to wash plates up after they have eaten!!!
It is quite surprising!!
I bet that's a great help to you then!!
A little, I still can not cope during the week but it is getting better!!

Aren't you getting fed up of just tomatoes grapes and apples in your garden!!??
I am, but what else is there for me to plant?
You are allowed to go to the grocery store arent you!!
Well go and buy some more fruit and veg to plant!!

Rocky has found himself a new pastime - playing the guitar.
Good lets hope that will help distract him away from the cooker.
It is actually keeping them all amused he has an audience.
Good that gives me the chance to get a shower in peace!!

So what are you so happy about anyway, you haven't said
I got a promotion today, I am now a Fertilizer Analyst
That sounds smelly - what level is that
Level 4
Great just another 6 promotions to go then!!
Don't remind me!!

Achieving my life time wish is going to take forever!!!!



  1. Poor Marty. But wait till you do medicine, that is an evil career when it comes to having a life beyond career.

  2. I am gald he has a while to go on his LTW that means more time to observe this lot, haha.

    Ahhh Lex and Lily are so cute! And so are Viola and Liam :)

  3. Lilly and Lex are cute together and it was sweet that she helped him put out the fire and when Lex watches her sleep. Rocky did look pretty pleased with himself in that picture with the burnt stove.