Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 15

 Patches is only interested in Rocky when she comes out.

 Well at least he didn't run away this time he is talking to her.

What is he up to now?
Asking Patches her star sign and if she is single.
He does remember who she is, doesn't he already know these things about her!!??
Well he should do.

They actually do have compatible star signs.
Mmmmmm please don't tell me he is going to start mooning over a ghost now!!
I remember someone else was doing that not too long back.
You - the reason why you are in here remember!!
You still haven't told me about that.
I am not going to either - its better you forget.

Now that has confused him, the ghost just disappearing like that!!!

I didn't realise he was so tired
He wasnt
so why is he flaked out on the floor?
He has passed out - he is a coward

Liam and Rocky are messing about in the bathroom together.
Not again!!
Yeah and you know its not Rocky starting it, its Liam who is doing all the flirting and hugging.
Probably because Viola is in a mood with him, she keeps pushing Liam away.

What are you looking so pleased about?
I did it!!
Did what?
My life time wish - I got the final promotion I needed today.

I'll show you my new uniform.  I am now a robot creature cross breeder.
Well done - so who is calling you?
My Boss, she asked me if I wanted to hangout.
So are you going?
No I can't can I!!!
Eerrr Marty you have achieved your lifetime wish, you are now officially a free man, you can walk out of this place and never come back!!

Yeah, I have been thinking about that - I don't know that I want to.
Leave this place, I don't know if I can
Are you mad, I thought that was why you were working so hard to get out of this place!!!!
I know but how can I just leave them now, they can't look after themselves.
So you plan to stay here forever?
I don't know what to do yet, but I really don't think I could just walk out and leave them.

What would they do if I wasn't here??
Cope I suppose they managed before you arivied.
Not very well and just think they probably would have all burnt to death by now if I hadn't been here.
Oh well if you are willing to saddle yourself with this lot for the rest of your life, that's up to you, its your life!!
I told you, I don't know what I am doing yet.

Has Lilly been eating bad food today?
I don't know why?
She has just thrown up
That is actually the second time I have seen her throwing up.

She must be ill, Lilly is throwing up again.
She might not be ill.
She has to be you don't throw up this much if there is nothing wrong.
She could be pregnant.

Well did you ask her?
She doesn't know if she ate any bad food.
Noooo did you ask her if she and Lex have been - you know!!
No I didn't you are just being ridiculous!!

Ask Lex.
No I won't!!!
Look they probably wouldn't even know what I was on about if I asked them!!
Now you are the one being stupid!!  You do know I have seen them take a shower together.

Well don't say I didn't warn you because she is about to throw up again!!

Look she is fine now she is happily munching away on her second plate of food.

I wouldn't be too confident that she isn't pregnant, if I was you, that shower they took together did get rather steamy so I couldn't see what they were up to in there!!!
Shut up!!!!

Ha!  I was right Marty, turn round and you just might catch her feeling her baby bump!!
You're off your head you!!

OMG!!  She is pregnant isn't she!!
Told you!!

Well that settles it doesn't it.
Settles what?
I can not leave now even if I wanted to.
Mmmmmmm I suppose you do have a problem now.

If I left this lot to look after a baby - the social worker would come and take it away if it didn't die first.  I have no choice I have to stay to look after the baby.



  1. Poor Marty doesn't look happy about having to stay now! I can't wait to see the baby ;)

  2. OMG I was laughing the whole time... this is so funny! I am sooo excited for the baby!

  3. Lilly seems very pleased with herself even when she was throwing up. :D Marty does look beside himself that there's going to be a baby. I really can't wait to see what happens and how Lex takes this.