Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 11

I really don't know what is the matter with Rocky at the moment!!
Why what is he up to now?
He keeps flirting with Lex
I thought you said it was Liam he wanted to kiss
It is, he just doesn't seem to be able to leave Lex alone either.

Liam is being a little silly again eating spoilt food!!
They are always throwing up because of bad food, they never learn.

I see Coconut has a fascination for rummaging in the bin,
I am thinking about putting the bin back outside the gates.
Why, she is not doing any harm is she really?
No but I have to keep cleaning out her pockets because she is walking around with rubbish in them and she is stinking the house out!!

What is Liam up to?
It looks like he is sneaking up on someone

It looks like he is stalking Viola or Lex

I don't know why she doesn't thump him he is always doing that to her!!

She always kisses him instead of getting mad.
More fool her if she shouted at him he might do it a little less often!!

They are pretty cute together though, don't  you think!!
If you say so!!

He even dreams about her when he is asleep!!

Mind you I get the feeling if they could they would escape, from this place!!
Well there is no chance of that!!
It's a shame really they can not even go out on a date!!
They are not on their own, at least they have some sort of a love life!!
And you don't - are you jealous?
No, but I do get fed up, I can not have one living in this house can I!!

Marty that was very spiteful of you!!!
Pinching Lilly's bed, you know she always sleeps in that room with Lex!!
I am sorry when it is the only empty bed, I am taking it, I have work tomorrow unless you have forgotten, I want promotions and I am not going to get them if I am falling asleep at work!!

Rocky and Coconut have been spending some time together.
Yes I noticed, but I don't think it means anything.

Are you sure you have got it right?
About Rocky wanting to kiss Liam - yes definately!!

You are not getting much gardening done are you!!
Not really I don't have the time looking after this lot!!
You haven't even planted any of the fruit and veg you got from the grocery store!!
I know, I just haven't had chance to yet!!

See and you wander why I am not getting any gardening done - this is the mess I have to come home from work to every day.
It is a bit of a mess isn't it!!
This kitchen was spotless this morning!!

Have you had another promotion?
Yes, I am not an Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker.
That's great!!
I know but now I don't just have gardening to read up on, I have to improve my fishing skill and I really don't know how I am going to find he time to fit it all in.

I am sure you will manage!!
Clean up, cook this lot a meal - then maybe I might just get a little fishing done before I go to bed.
Quite a congregation in the kitchen tonight!
I think they have learnt my routine and know when I get back I clean then cook - they are probably waiting to be fed.

That is not a pleasant sight!!
He has been eating bad food again and Lex and Lilly are busy in the bathroom.

I don't like the look of that!!
What are they doing out by Patches grave anyway?
I don't have a clue what they are up to.

Oops another accident!!
I wander if he would have made a move on Liam if he had not peed himself?

Rocky has gone to have a shower and now Lex has come out to join Liam.
They really do some strange things, I have never seen them hanging out there before!!

I dread to think what they might be gossiping about.
Probably about Liam peeing himself.

Rocky has just had the shock of his life!!

 Patche's ghost has come out to play!!

In the rules of the asylum challenge you can go into everyone's inventories at midnight and clean them out as they tend to hoard things like books and guitars etc.  I haven't really bothered to do it that much, but since Coconut has gained an obsession of rummaging in the bin I am having to clean hers out because she is collecting scrap and rubbish!!!
I am ashamed to say I am falling for Liam :/  I think he has the cheekiest grin which he tends to do after he has scared someone half to death!!  Today I was on the forum and the Liam error page popped up - it made me giggle for the first time ever - I don't think I will get cross with him again after this!! lol


  1. That is too funny! Liam does seem pretty cute though. At least you're giggling at the Liam page not getting annoyed :)

    Oh, and Lex and Liam pulling faces at each other is just hilarious!

  2. Liam is a cute little geek.

    That household is fun to watch, even if marty isn't having fun living there.

    Stop by my Short story blog sometime. :)