Monday, 10 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 9

I would love to know what those two keep rattling about!!
You and me both - it sounds like double dutch to me!
Do you think Lilly is accusing Lex of not being in love with her? 
She could be telling him she doesn't love him.
Naaah I doubt that - they are obsessed with each other!!!

Something I do understand those two spend hours just looking at that chessboard without even moving pieces, Lex will occasionally pick one up and inspect it then put it back down and they are both improving their logic skill!!!

You have sorted the cooker out!!!
Not quite - I am upgrading it to fire proof
Good thinking!!
He won't be able to set fire to it ever again!!!!
I notice Rocky is keeping his beady eyes on your activities with his favourite toy!!
He is probably itching to start another fire - is he in for a surprise!!!

Is everyone happy that the cooker is back?
I think so, I did get sick of eating just salad
So are you giving Rocky a lecture.
Not really I just told him about the fire proof cooker and told him about the cooking books I got at the book store,   I suggested he read them.

What are you doing to the toilet?
Upgrading it to self cleaning but I think I might have to upgrade it to unbreakable because it is constantly clogged up.

I think Rocky might have listened to you, he is reading a book but I am not sure if it is a cookery book.
I hope it is - I am hoping that his fascination of the cooker might change from fire to cooking.

How sweet Lex and Lilly are watching the stars together.

I think they may be struggling a little.
I don't know its just Lilly especially looks upset,  Lex doesn't look happy either, and you know I have sneaked a peek at their wishes.
They both want to wahoo with each other.
Great - I really wanted to know that!!

I think they want a double bed, Lex especially.
Yeah I bet he does!!
No way!!!
Spoil sport.
In this place, you have to be kidding!!!

Everywhere I go there are kissing couples!!

You know I swear Lilly is accusing Lex of not loving her!!
Why do you say that?
Its just the look he has on his face like he is thinking - not that again!!

Its not like he can lie on the bed with her and give her a cuddle is it seeing as you won't get them a double bed, and I am sure that's what he wants to do!!
Its not that I won't I can't!!!

He definately wants a double bed you know!!!
Will you shut up about it!!
I feel sorry for them!!
When they set me free I'll buy them one - just to shut you up!!!

Who moved the bin?
Me obviously - I am the only one who can take out the trash as the bin was outside the gate, I moved it inside so I could at least get one of them to do it from time to time.
Yeah well, Coconut is rummaging about in it!!
Sometimes they are worse than children!!!

Lex just went out and caught her rummaging, he looks a little shocked.
Well I bet she stinks
He is mocking her probably for bin rummaging!!

At last its done!!
I thought you was upgrading that toilet this morning
I was but I have been kicked out of the bathroom too many times somebody wanting to use the toilet or the shower, it has taken me all day to do one simple upgrade!!

Why are you shouting at Coconut?
There is nobody in the bathroom, there was nothing stopping her going to the toilet and instead she just stood there and peed herself - its disgusting in the kitchen where we have to cook and eat!!

That's one way to get her attention I suppose, scare her half to death!!!
Liam is doing that a lot these days and it isn't funny!!!
He thinks it is, just look at the big grin he had on his face

Now they are pulling funny faces at each other.
They can be very childish!!

They are not looking very childish now!!
Well I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have a clue what they are actually doing when they are kissing each other!!
I think they know what they are doing, if they didn't they wouldn't stop in pairs.

And I think they would be kissing everybody all of the time if they did not know what they were doing!!



  1. Rocky looked very into that book he was reading. I have a trash digger in my game too. You may know her;)

    Things will be a lot easier on Marty now that he is getting everything upgraded.

  2. Well, Marty may have some difficult roommates but he seems to be coping. Lot's of love going on without poor Marty getting any.

    Hope poor Marty gets his life want soon, before they drive him crazy.

  3. Ah the couples are so cute! It's interesting how they got together on their own, without you controlling them.