Monday, 17 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 14

So Liam has just barged in between them and started flirting with Rocky!!!!
Yes and Coconut is not pleased!!

Oops and now here comes Viola, she is not happy either!!

Rocky waited for both girls to wander off before he tried to hug or kiss Liam, and Liam pushed him away again.
Rocky is very persistent isn't he!!!

Oh here we go - insane flirting!!
I am not exactly sure that is what it is.
Well, what else could it be?

Now they are outside pillow fighting.
Well that is better than flirting and causing trouble.

Eerrr you was saying!!!
They are not!?
Insane flirting yes!!

So what are you reading?
The last of the gardening books, I will soon have maxed out my gardening skill!!
That's good!!
I am getting close to another promotion I think.

Aaaar how cute!!
What's cute?
Liam and Rocky cuddling on the couch.
Stop - that is not what I would call cute!!
Very strange they are, they now show as best friends, still no romantic interest there.
If Rocky carries on the way he is, don't worry it will come!!
Actually you know it was Liam who actually started cuddling Rocky!!

I am actually glad I didn't have to see it!!!
No Liam went off for a shower and Rocky scampered off because the tv broke again.
Maybe I should upgrade it to unbreakable.
I hate it when you mess with electrical equipment.

Lex and Coconut are having an argument in the kitchen.
Why do you think I am eating in here - they have been at it for ages.
What set that off do you know?
No when I went to make food they were already arguing.

I think Liam is in Viola's bad books.
I am not surprised she keeps catching him flirting with Rocky.
Normally when he scares her they end up kissing each other, this time she has pushed him away and stormed off.

  At least we are not getting any drama from Lex and Lilly.

I think Rocky is just a magnet for trouble!!!
Why do you say that?
Now Coconut is flirting with him again while Liam is not too far away.

I just saw Coconut and Viola with their heads together nattering away, which is unusual for them, you don't think that Viola put Coconut up to flirting with Rocky do you?
I doubt it.
Why not if she gets Coconut with Rocky then maybe  Liam and Rocky will leave each other alone.

Where is everyone, I take a nap and they all vanish.
They are all outside.
All of them? - they don't do outside.
Lilly is out there playing the guitar and they are all watching her.

Patches is out again.
Is is me or is she out every night now?
It feels like she is, which is unusual

Guess who she is making a beeline for!!
Yes, she doesn't seem to bother about anyone else when she comes out, only Rocky.

He is not doing too badly is he, he has a man, a woman and a ghost all fighting for his attention!!



  1. A man, a woman, and a
    My boy has really stolen the show! I wonder what it will be like when there is a baby in the house. I wonder if he will steal all the attention of the baby too.

  2. I love Liam and Viola together but Liam and Rocky are so cute! Can't wait to see how it all pans out :)

  3. Rocky is all over the place and there sure is alot of flirting going on. Lilly and Lex look totally absorbed with each other while ignoring the others. I really can't wait to see what happens with a baby.