Thursday, 6 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 7

Weekend clean up?
Yes, the washing only gets done once a week, most of them won't come near this machine, they really don't like the noise it makes, I suppose it does clonk a bit but it is not that bad!!

When I have got this place cleaned up I am planning to start upgrading things, I am sick of this toilet getting clogged up - its cheap and horrible.

What happened to the upgrading?
I am just taking a break - I am allowed aren't I!!

OH NOT AGAIN - is it Rocky?
I am going to strangle that boy!!!
Not now you need to help Lex, he is already trying to put the fire out.

This looks bad!!!

I notice Rocky has done a runner again.
No he hasn't his clothes are on fire, he is just diving into the shower, at least he has the sense to extinguish himself!!!!

Oh good, you have put it out, I was watching Rocky to make sure he extinguished himself. 
Is he ok?
Yes he is fine, eeeerrr Marty - Why is the grim reaper stood behind you?
She got too close, we couldn't put her out in time.

OH NO!!  Poor Rocky!!
Forget poor Rocky - he did this!!!

I told you he would be upset!!
And so he should - he killed her!!
Not on purpose Marty, it was an accident.

It was no accident, you know as well as I do he keeps trying to start fires.
Maybe, but he would not have done it if he had known it would kill Patches!!
Well I hope he has learnt his lesson - or are we all going to die one by one???!!!!

Lex is right you know
What about?
If there was a fire alarm then Patches might not have died.
There is nothing I can do about it they have basically just left us in here to rot.

What about the cleaning, the kitchen is a wreck!!
It can wait I need to shut my head off for a bit, I am too upset.

Have the fairy's been while I was sleeping all the cleaning has been done!!??
No it wasn't a fairy
So who has tidied up??
What!!?? Rocky doesn't do cleaning up!!
Well I have just watched him do lots of cleaning!!!
Naaaah not Rocky!!!
Yes Rocky, I think it must be his guilty conscience - his way of saying sorry!!

I was pretty shocked I can tell you!!
Who helped him?
Nobody - he did it all on his own, without being asked!!!

Where is he?
He is in the dayroom playing the guitar - you are not going to shout at him are you?
I do need to speak to him.
He knows what he has done you know, when he cleaned the cooker - he broke down - don't be too hard on him!!
He needs to be told.
I think he knows, don't forget he lost his friend, and I am sure they would have ended up like Lex and Lilly if she hadn't died.

You upset him didn't you - I asked you not to be too hard on him!!!
I wasn't, I just talked to him about the consequences of these fires he keeps starting and asked him not to do it again, I banned him from using the cooker!!
Do you think he will stop doing it now?
I really hope so for all our sakes!!!!

Marty its Sunday you can't just walk out the gates like that!!!
Don't panic I am going to the book store and Grocery store, I am allowed to remember once in a while!!

It is all arranged - look see - there is my usualy driver who picks me up every day to go to work.
Ok I was just making sure!!

I have earned enough money lately so I am buying some skill books from the book store for us all to read. I particularly want to get some gardening and cooking books.

And the grocery store?
I am dong what you suggested a while back, getting some fruit and veg to plant in the garden.

See back home safe and sound!!

I leave them alone for just five minutes and look what I come back to.
A broken sink!!!
Who was it this time.

Well just think you are improving your handiness skills for when you start upgrading things!!
It's a good job I wasn't gone all day, the place would have been flooded have you seen all this water!!

I am getting scared to go to work with fires and floods, I am scared of what I might find when I come home at night!!!


I hated having to watch one of the house mates die, not being able to control them.  I was worried I would lose Rocky too but thankfully he ran off and dived in the shower to put himself out!!!  When Rocky went on his cleaning spree I literally sat there with my mouth open - up till now he has done nothing and if Marty asks him to clean he strops off and gets a moodlet because of an "unreasonable request".  It was seriously like he was trying to make up for what he had done!!!


  1. Oh my! I feel bad that you lost Patches but I am really happy you didn't lose my boy Rocky. I think I might have cried if I watched him die in your game. I really can't believe that he went on a cleaning spree......poor Rocky he must really feel bad!

  2. Poor Patches now will haunt the place, maybe Rocky can still talk with her. At least you didn't lose both of them to the fire and maybe Rocky will stay away from starting fires and keep helping with the cleaning.

  3. So sad! Although, with all the fires there have been, it's lucky no one else has died yet. That's amazing that Rocky did all that cleaning, I think you are right - he has a guilty conscience!