Thursday, 13 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 12

Patches ghost was having a shower and Rocky walked in.
I think this is quite funny especially after Rocky peed himself right by her gravestone!!! 
You should be in here with us lot if you think Patches is showering because Rocky peed on her!!!

I don't think Rocky likes ghost!!!
Who does?!
Well you used to - that's why you are in here remember!!!

Patches floated right up to him - how cute!!
She looks happy to see him, but I think Rocky is a little stunned!!

Viola isn't stunned or scared she just marched right in and starting chatting to Patches
Yeah that gave Rocky the opportunity to escape.

Now I have really seen it all!!!
The ghost just peed herself!!!!

That looks a little risky!!!
I doubt she will go anywhere without Lex!!
You can not be sure of that she is absent minded remember

I have told her to stay there and she is listening
So far - Lex has just come out to her!!

Nothing to worry about see, Lex has distracted her and she has forgotten the gate is open!!
Still I think maybe you should move that rubbish bin back outside the gates!!

You will never guess what Rocky just did!!
Go on.
He just cooked something without burning it, and it looks edible!!!

Your a big softy really aren't you!!!
I thanked him for cooking, seeing as it was nice and edible, maybe it might encourage him to get into cooking for the right reasons!!!

He seems pretty pleased with himself doesn't he!!

What is going on now?
I don't know I didn't see what happened
Did Rocky just try it on with Liam?
Beats me!!

I think he must have tried to hug him or kiss him.
No and it doesn't look like its over either.
They are a little close aren't they!!


I am really surprised that Liam accepted those flowers.
Me too, where is Viola - I can see trouble coming!!
She is asleep thankfully!!

Oh dear - you know its coming don't you!!

Rocky tried to kiss him but Liam pushed him away.

Oh dear, Rocky looks narked now!!
Well what does he expect when he is sort of attached to Viola

Lex is watching Lilly sleeping

Interesting dreams she is having there!!
what about?

 Now she is dreaming about marriage, and judging by Lex's reaction you would think he can read her mind or knows what she is dreaming about!!!

Rocky and Liam are still at it!!

Oh great now Liam is flirting with Rocky!!!

Oh No - here comes trouble!!

Yes and she is not impressed with Liam!!


Sorry whitewave I think your boy is not only insane - i think he has turned lol


  1. 0_0 OMG!! He has turned, Liam needs to not encourage this behavior. Rocky remember all those beautiful babies you created in another time. Don't do this!!

    It is so strange to see him like this...

  2. OMG I laughed throughout this whole thing! I wish I'd put Liam in my wishacy town now, to see if Viola would pick him haha.

    Do you know Julie, I got Liam'd on the forums just before and I just sat and laughed at him like you did! Too funny :)

  3. Lol. Rocky looked disappoined with his lack of fire, but it does look like he's about to cause prombems with Liam and Viola. Aw, Lex came and distracted Lilly and she dreams of her former life. :D

  4. Lot's of fun and games in the nut house. Rocky seems set on Liam at the moment, doesn't he?