Saturday, 8 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 8

The atmosphere in the house is pretty sombre.
Yeah but I see life goes on as normal.
Why what's happened now?

Viola has just tried to kiss Lex, one minute she was crying on his shoulder, the next trying to kiss him.
Please tell me Lilly didn't see it.
No, luckily she has just walked into another room

They are having a row now, Lex really didn't take kindly to Viola trying to kiss him

I am getting a little fed up of walking in the kitchen to be confronted by a naked woman!!
Well you will keep walking in on them!!!
Because they should be using the bathroom not the kitchen sink!!!

I think Lilly and Lex have claimed the small bedroom, they are the only ones I see sleeping in there now.
I know, I used to sleep in the first bed but they get annoyed if anyone else uses their beds!!!
Its a shame they can't have a double bed
You can forget that!!!

Marty what are you doing??
It does not look like nothing to me, you are picking up bad habits off your house mates, your talking to yourself aren't you!!!
I am not!!
Oh yes you are!!

Is Coconut trying to cheer you up?
I think so.

Now she has gone all loopy on me!!
Remember Lex and Lillys routine, the insane flirting!!!
Shut up!!
I think she likes you!!

Marty I hate to interrupt your insane flirting but you have a fire to put out.
I am going to KILL HIM!!!!!


It's just a good job he listened to me!!!
How on earth are you going to stop him?
I don't have a clue!!

Aren't you going to clean up a little before you start cooking.
I am not cooking - they will be living on salad from now on.
If we don't have a cooker he can not burn the house down any more!!
You can't do that!!
I am doing it - no cooker = no fire - they can eat salad, cereal, bread and jam till I figure out a way round this.

Rocky is off again with his guilty conscience cleaning.
Well at least this time he didn't kill someone!!!

Viola is still hasselling Liam for a kiss.
In a way its probably best they don't get romantically involved.
We have enough of Lex and Lilly we don't need those two at it too.

FINALLY!!!!  I knew she would get him in the end!!!
Please no!!
Sorry Marty you have another kissing couple to contend with.

You are not doing too badly either yourself are you!!
What are you on about?
Coconut - spending a lot of time with her lately, flirting and pillow fights - your next!!
Never in this life!!!

Well she has seen it all when she walked in on you in the shower and wasn't put off!!
That is not even funny!!!!
So what is wrong with Coconut?
She is mental!!
Aren't  you all!!

Well you want to watch Rocky doesn't get in there first
He can have her!!!

The mother of my children is going to be completely sane not one of these looney tunes!!


I am getting a little attached to this group of people EVEN Liam!!!!
I am wandering if there is something I could do with the asylum after Marty achieves his lifetime wish, I have come up with a few ideas and might put up a thread for ideas :)  I somehow feel I should give these sims a better life after putting them through this torment!!!

Please look here for LIFE AFTER THE ASSYLUM

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