Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 5

What on earth are Rocky and Patches doing?
Playing stupid - I told them not to eat that bad food but they aren't listening to me.

Please tell me they are not flies I can see on those waffles
Yes they are flies, that just shows how stupid they are - they won't wait for me to finish cooking this spaghetti.
They are going to make themselves ill
I have tried to stop them - I think he is ignoring me because he is still in a mood at me for shouting at him earlier.

Patches has just been sick and now Rocking is throwing up!!
They will be fine when they have got it all up out of their stomachs, it might teach them to listen to me!!

I am sick of the mess I have to keep coming home to every night after work!!
It is pretty bad again today broken sink and toilet, puddles everywhere and dirty plates all over.
I really can not keep on top of it all - its too much!!

"Lilly can you help me clean up a little please"

I take it that is a no!!
Yep - Lilly is probably the only one that does the most cleaning, and she doesn't usually react like that when I ask her to help me clean up.
She is probably having a bad day I noticed she tried to kiss Lex quite a few times today and he is still pushing her away!!

Oh well - I'll soldier on alone as usual!!
The amount of things you are fixing your handiness skill must be coming on nicely!
It is my best skill at the moment.
Well you do realise don't you that you could make your life a whole lot easier.
Upgrade everything to self cleaning or unbreakable.
Oh yeah - that's a good idea!!

I think I will start upgrading things at the weekend, it will make my life so much easier, although I can not make up my mind on wether to upgrade to self cleaning or unbreakable!!

Given up on the cleaning?
Yes, I am sick of it, they can wallow in their mess if they like!!  I am hiding away in here, they don't actually use this room often and its the cleanest room in the house most of the time.
So what are you reading?
A cooking book I found in the book case.

I see Patches is feeling better now.
I told you they would be fine.
She is up to her old tricks, she has just scared Lex half to death.

The mess is not too bad today - just dirty plates - nothing broken - this is nice!!
What is Rocky up to?
I don't know he does look a little shifty doesn't he

"What are you up to Rocky?"
"What are you plotting?"

"How about you make yourself useful and do some cleaning up!!"

Marty why do you even bother asking him to clean up when you know how he is going to react!!
Well while he is stropping and sulking and crying over being asked to clean up, he will hopefully forget why he was stood in the corner of the kitchen looking shifty.
The cooker?
Yeah it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't planning on another fire.

Ohhhhhhhh I have something to tell you, something exciting that happened while you was at work!!
Lilly tried to kiss Lex and got the usual reaction, he pushed her away.  They just stood there for ages staring at each other, Lex was just laughing at her.

Suddenly they were hugging each other amorously , I am not sure which one of they started it.
Is that what your getting excited over an amorous hug??
No - there is more!!

Lilly finally got her way with him - she kissed him and this time he didn't push her away, they spent quite a few hours kissing and making out.
Oh Great that's all we need!!
It is quite sweet don't you think!!??
Yes as long as it doesn't cause complications!!!!

I'll tell  you one thing that is going to cause complications - Patches and Coconuts attitude towards each other!!
I noticed they are not getting on.
Well trouble is brewing out in the hallway right now as we speak.

I think Patches has realised that when she scares people she gets the best reaction from Coconut, because she always turns and has a go at her where most of the other house mates just walk off.
That is probably because coconut is hot headed!!

They are too busy screaming at each other to notice that Rocky just peed himself.

Now the dust is flying - they are having a punch up!!
Where did Liam go, wasn't he just stood there?
He ran off like a coward!!

Well it looks like Coconut won that one!!
You know it isn't going to stop there don't you!!
Its not like I can make them be friends is it, hopefully it will all blow over.

Lilly and Lex are oblivious to the fighting going on in the hallway.
Too busy sat staring at each other.
How long have they been like that?
Probably about an hour!!

This fighting doesn't look like it is going to end any time soon.
I know it is starting to get on everyone's nerves.
Can't you do something?

What can I do - you wouldn't want to get in-between two normal sane women fighting - mental women - you have got chance!!!


Do you want to know the stupidest thing going on in this game - CELEBRITY STATUS!!!!!  I really wish there was a way to turn the fame thing off and I think to date it has to be the worst thing EA ever thought up!!!  Because the 4 sims that work with Marty all have a celebrity status Marty's growing friendship with his work mates has earned him a 3 star celebrity status.  As Marty's friendships with his insane housemates grows - they are now gaining celebrity status's for doing noting!!! All they know is their housemates and none of them have met anyone else or even left the house - It is so pathetic I could scream!!!!


  1. The look on Rocky's face when Marty was asking him to clean up was priceless.

    Yay for Lilly finally getting her kiss from Lex. I wonder where this will end up going? At least you know that you don't have to deal with babies since they can't woohoo and the house is full. Could you imagine having to deal with children in that place. I think Marty would really go mad!

  2. Lily and Lex are so adorable! It's interesting to see all the relationships developing in the house - romantic, friendships, and enemies!

    I love how Coconut has the 'no insane' thought bubble over her head when she's arguing with Patches, when she is insane too!

    The celebrity status thing really puts me off getting Late Night. When I can justify spending money on an EP I think I'll get Generations.

    @whitewaveldc I guess they could technically whoo hoo in the shower since Julie has Generations - though it's not like there's a lot of privacy in that bathroom haha!

  3. my mind went on a wander when I saw them kissing each other because I never expected it to happen as the innappropriate sims are trying to kiss everyone and their friendships were not too high. Lex having commitment issues too - but thier speaking madness routine has bumped their friendship right up. Now they can wahoo in the shower - but unless they do it on their own it won't be happening - lol - as I can not control them - i don't have any mods so - if they do wahoo under their own steam which I can not say i have seen happen too often. A baby in the house would make it just hilarious - a minor mirracle if that gets to happen though!!!! LOL

  4. I always forget about the shower...

  5. Maybe Lex just has a thing for the blue haired sims no matter how much he tries not too. Lol. I don't think you can get a baby unless you do have mods with the house having 8 sims in it. Of course one could die and I don't know if they can without mods anyways. I do have mods that allow for all sorts of autonomous woohoo and baby making in my game. Then again Lilly might be trying to re-create herself a family even if her traits are changed. Lol.

    And yeah, Rocky looks so like he's plotting something.

  6. There is one way they will wahoo without you directing them and that's when the BE FRISKY option is available to them - but they have to have the heart moodlet which only appears for 2 days when they get married. Is it possible for them to get engaged and marriage on freewill - Lilly is inappropriate and i know proposing is an option on the inappropriate special interactions

  7. Well, if you are willing to use mods, Twallan's Story progression mod can disallow celebrities entirely (I think it's story progression, you can check on the site.)

    I <3 Twallan.

  8. Ugh I hate the celebrity status too. I don't use any of the mods either because if messes up my game. I wish EA would copy the mods. >,<