Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 10

Have you upset Liam?
Not that I know too.
He is talking to you isn't he?
Yes but I am just ignoring him, hopefully he will go away!!

He has been a little hyperactive today!!
Well he definitely looks narked with you!!

I think Lilly has had enough of him, like the rest of us!!
Aren't you going to stop them from arguing
No leave them too it - it will blow over soon enough!!

What did Lilly just do?
I am not sure whether she tried to hug or kiss Liam!!

Lex is not impressed!!
I am not surprised

Now Liam is talking to himself in the mirror!!
I am not sure what is wrong with him today he has been a little stranger than he normally is!!

I don't think Lilly did too much damage to hers and Lex's relationship.
Good - I have been dreading romantic fall outs.
They are having an interesting conversation about marriage
Yeah like that is ever going to happen!!!
I think that's what Lex is telling Lilly, he has commitment issues doesn't he.

Wake up Marty!!
I am awake stupid.
Your day dreaming about Coconut
No I wasn't!!
I think you were!!

Rocky seems to be doing a lot of cooking lately
He is, but he is still burning everything!!
He probably can't understand why he can not start fires anymore!!
He can try all he likes, I am really glad the cooker is fireproof now I don't have to worry about him burning the house down!!

While we are on the subject of Rocky - I think we have trouble brewing!!!
Why what has he done?
Its not so much what he has done its what he wants to do that worries me.
Have you been peeking at thier wishes again?
Yes - and he has a growing obsession with all you boys!!

Wooooow they are a bit close aren't they!!
Yes I think Rocky is in a romantic mood.

Lex is the lucky one!!!
Because he wants to kiss one of you
Well I hope it isn't me!!!!

I think maybe Rocky trying to give him flowers had made Lex have a rethink on what he and Lilly were talking about earlier.
Don't change the subject - who does he want to kiss???
Wouldn't you like to know!!
Yes I would - so come on tell me
No - wait and see, besides he will have probably forgotten about it by tomorrow!!!

You can always tell when Rocky has done something that he shouldn't have!!!
I noticed he is cleaning up again.
It amazes me how forgetful they are!!!
The are all absent minded thats why
Lex seems to have forgotten about the flowers earlier, if I was in his shoes I would be trying to avoid Rocky as much as I could.

I wish you would tell me because he is making me feel uncomfortable.
He is only working out with you.
Yeah but he is following me around a little and it is making me nervous!!

He is hanging around me, I don't like it
He is just being friendly thats all he wants to be your best friend.
Well that better be all he wants from me!!!!

See Liam has come to distract him
What for all of five minutes!!
How funny he is having  a go at Liam for gossiping!!

What are you reading?
Gardening book - why do I get the feeling Rocky is copying what I do!
He does seem to be following you around and imitating you a little.
He is giving me the creeps - you need to tell me!!

Ok - I'll tell you - it Liam - he wants to kiss Liam.



  1. OMG!! Rocky is most definitely crazy if he is wanting to kiss boys. That is not like my boy at all....but it is funny!

  2. Oh wow this is hilarious! I love the expression on Lex's face when Rocky gives him flowers :)