Monday, 3 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 3

You have upset Viola!!
I don't care - she shouldn't try to kiss me should she.

It won't take her long to forget shes abscent minded.
Lilly is telling Viola to clean up, that should distract her.
Telling Viola to clean up never goes down very well,

See - I told you, they are going to start fighting now, Viola hates being told to clean up.

What is all that noice about?
Liam has got Patches pinned in a corner and won't let her move even though she is screaming for him to move.
Oops - too late she just peed herself, ANOTHER puddle, this is never-ending!!!

I thought you said Viola would forget, aawwww it looks like you broke her heart.
Shut up - you are not funny!!!!
Rocky is washing up - I am shocked!!
Very occasionally they will do something to help towards the housework, but its not often enough, one plate does not even come close to denting my workload!!

Viola  has just tried to kiss Rocky now!!
She is probably just a man eater - hopefully she will leave me alone now!!
Rocky was definitely not impressed he did a runner!!
She will be after Lex or Liam next you watch!!

Marty your doing it again!!
I am stressed!!
Strangling yourself doesn't get rid of stress you know, anyway what is stressing you out?
This place and work, they have found out where I live at work and now they are picking on me!!
Yes I left my computer alone today while I went on a break, someone sent a stupid message out from my computer and now everyone is laughing at me, because they think it was me who sent it!!
Just ignore them, if you rise to it they will just keep on doing it.

They keep calling me a loser - I am not a loser am I??
You can show them you are not a loser by achieving that life time wish of yours!!
Well I did get a promotion I am now a Lab tech, that is why I am gardening I need to improve my gardening skill to get another promotion.
That's good - I wondered what the white coat was all about.
This is my work uniform, the trouble is the fruitcakes keep calling me Doctor now!!
Well to them you probably look like a doctor - you know - "the men in white coats are coming to take you away - ha! ha!"
Was that supposed to be funny?

Eeerr Marty I think you had better get inside and quickly!!!!
Why what's wrong?
Lilly was cooking, she's falling asleep while she is cooking and now the cooker is on fire.
Oh Great!!!!

Where is the smoke alarm?
There isn't one - its wrong!!

Thankfully Lex listened - he is helping you!!
It is getting out of hand.
Just be careful I don't want you dying on me yet!!

I never thought it was ever going to go out!!
Lex was lucky I thought we was going to lose him there for a minute, good job you extinguished him!!
I am just grateful he helped me I would never have done that on my own!!
I am glad you did it without anyone dying!!!
OMG just look at the mess!!

I am getting no help from this lot am I
No they seem to be fairly occupied laughing at each other for peeing themselves or passing out!!
I bet they have forgotten all about the fire already!!

Marty I think they are all hungry they are all trying to get into the fridge!!
Well they are just going to have to wait, if they want feeding quicker they should help me, but they won't.

They are driving me mad, they wouldn't move so I made them salad, and like I don't have enough to do already they keep peeing themselves while I clean up one puddle they create another!!

Finally I can get some sleep!!!!
The kitchen looks as good as new.
Not quite there is a burn mark on the floor round the fridge that I can not clean up without moving the fridge and I just don't have the energy.

Why is patches sneaking around like that.
Oh its a game she plays, she keeps sneaking up on people and scaring them to death, she has got me a few times with it, it really is not funny but she seems to think it is.
Poor Coconut just nearly jumped out of her skin!!
I know Patches is going to give someone heart failure one of these days!!

I have banned them from using the cooker - not that any of them probably took in what I was saying to them!!
Trying to prevent another fire?
Yes, well I am hoping too - I have told them I will cook all their meals from now on, I may as well I do everything else for them!!!!

I have given up even asking them to help me clean up.
Working full time and taking care of your seven housemates, you should be careful you don't get overdoing things!!
What choice do I have, if I don't do it nobody does and I can not live in the mess!!!

What are  you doing outside the gates?
Don't worry I am not doing a runner - I am taking out the trash and cleaning up the newspapers.
You shouldn't be out there Marty.

You do realise Patches is watching you don't you!!
I wouldn't worry about it - she will have forgot by tomorrow morning!!
You just be careful she doesn't try to run off when you open the gates to get back in.

I think you were wrong about her forgetting Marty because Patches is still outside, she has been there all night and she now has two others with her.
It is unusual for them to be outside because they hate the outdoors!!
You watch they are not hatching a plan to escape!!
Don't be silly they are not capable of hatching plans and remembering them let alone carry then through!!

Well I hope you are right because I wouldn't like to see you getting into trouble for letting them escape!!!
They can't blame me for anything they do!!
Well you are the only one who can open the gate so obviously they will blame you straight away!!



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  1. Hahahaha I love how Viola is trying to kiss all the guys! I was so scared people were going to die in that fire, it was so big! I am loving the antics of all the 'patients'!

  2. I really thought you were going to lose Lex and Lilly there and now you have an escape plot to foil. Lol. I really needed this after the afternoon I had. :D

  3. LOL I love it when sims freak out over fires. So damn funny looking!