Saturday, 29 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 18

Since Milo became a toddler Lex has been paying a lot more attention to him.
Its a shame I noticed that Lilly doesn't go anywhere neare her son!!
She never goes near him and treats him like he doesn't exist.

What did you say to him?
I just suggested that maybe he could start to teach Milo how to talk.

Is he going to?
I don't know he just looked at me with that blank look of his so I doubt it.
What is he doing with him now?
Feeding him outside

He looks tired
He is, I have just had to fetch him from outside because Lex must have forgotten he had taken him out there, he just wandered off and left him outside.

Are you not at work today?
Not its my day off, remember I only work three days a week now. I have a lot to do today!!
Like what?
Housework, gardening and I need to make a start on teaching Milo how to talk and use the potty chair.
Aren't Lex or Lilly going to do it?
It doesn't look like it does it!!

I noticed Dad is watching you teach Milo to talk.
He should be doing this not me.
So how is it going?
This kid is actually quite bright, he is learning really fast - I am shocked, I think he might just turn out to be a normal kid.

Lilly has come to watch too.
That does surprise me as far as I know she has only touched Milo twice since he was born, Viola has paid him a lot more attention than she has.  Actually I really wouldn't be surprised if it is actually Lex who she is here for not Milo,
Actually you are probably right there as it is Lex she is watching not you and Milo.

The talking is done!!
That did not take long!!
No I told you, he is quite a clever kid, and its great because I now have someone to have an intelligent conversation with, even if he is a toddler!!

Rocky just proved my point - he is talking about Milo's toy rockets blowing up the house!!!

Milo loves watching the TV doesn't he!!
He is jabering away and Lex and Lilly can't take their eyes off him.

They don't have a clue do they!!??
No, they will just sit there and let him cry.
So you put him to bed.
Yes, well they won't!!

I hate workdays - I hate leaving him alone with this lot!!!
Don't worry I am here watching him.
I make sure he is out of his crib and fed and diaper changed before I go to work, but I still worry.

He is actually fine he keeps himself amused whatching tv mostly and sits nattering to whoever is watching the tv with him and he plays with his logic block too.

He spent half of the day  having a conversation with Liam

Lex also spent quite a lot of time talking to his son today.
What about Lilly?
No, she didn't go anywhere near him, she doesn't even acknowledge him, unfortunately.

See he is happy and safe!!
I struggle at work worrying about Milo.
Well you don't need to worry he is fine and he is actually becoming good friends with his Dad.
Well at least that's something I suppose!!

Isn't he tired?
Not really, I thought I would make a start on his walking before I put him to bed.

I see Mom has come to watch.
No she is eating and she isn't watching me and Milo, she is too busy talking to Lex.

This kid is a genius - he is picking up learning to walk double speed!!
You know Lex used to be a genius once - you wouldnt think it now would you!!!
He is getting tired isn't he

Yes I am going to put him to bed now.
Reading him to sleep that's cute!!

Marty are you reading that book for yourself because Milo fell asleep ages ago!!

Chapter 19


  1. Ahh Milo is so cute! That's funny how he talks to the people watching TV. I'm actually surprised Lex and Lily are not paying him more attention, it's really very interesting. Perhaps because they are absent minded?

    I totally didn't think to ask you to build me a house! I'll ask you next time but you don't have to say yes :)

  2. I actually love building houses :) so anytime i will be happy to make you some.

    1. If you have any houses up let me know. I hate building and always need some good legacy houses. :D

  3. I'm glad there's another chapter to read. I'm quite surprised with Lilly, but maybe it hurts too much with the loss of her other family. And Milo is so adorable.

  4. there are quite a few more chapters to come yet :D

  5. Poor Marty. If it wasn't for him, Milo wouldn't have much in the way of good attention.

  6. Milo talking to Liam was adorable. LoL It's so odd having the baby born in there. I had to download him just for the fact that he was born in an asylum.

    What I thought of when Lex was talking to Milo:
    Lex: "Now son make sure you never get engaged. Women are the devil."
    LOL It was funny he made sure to mention that.