Sunday, 16 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 13

Viola looks more confused than angry!!
I think Liam is a little confused too, he needs to decide Viola or Rocky!!
However this turns out I think will depend on what Liam does with Rockys advances.

So what is Lex doing giving him a lecture?
I am not sure but whatever is going on Rocky seems to be getting excited.

Fun and games in the bathroom Viola just tried to hug Liam and he pushed her away.
I noticed Lilly has broken the sink, another job for me!!

They make me laugh - its not alright for Viola to hug Liam but then seconds later Liam hugs Viiola.
Just shows you how quickly they forget things.

You do know Lex has been waiting ages to use the toilet.
Well he is going to have to wait!!
He is going to pee himself in a minute
Like that bothers me anymore, its what they usually do anyway.

I think Rocky is really getting into this cooking!!
Yeah I know,  he is always cooking meals, he hasn't eaten any bad food for a while, and it saves me from doing it and it is edible so its all good!!

He is not burning the food any more either.
No I think we have cured his fire fetish, he now tries to cook a decent meal instead of just standing and watching it burn.

I bet he doesn't know that Liam and Viola are getting all cosy in the living room!!!
Good, I hope it stays that way, I am really not looking forward to the trouble that may be caused with Rocky Liam and Viola.

Patches is out.
Again so soon!!
I really don't think Rocky knows what to make of her ghost!!

What are you giggling at?

AAAWWWWWWWW I wish he wouldn't do that!!
It is pretty funny to watch.
You knew that was coming didn't you!!
Yeah - sorry.
Well next time warn me will you!!

Another new work uniform have you had another promotion?
Yes I am a Genetic Resequencer now - level 7.
Have you noticed Rocky is watering your plants.
Yeah, that's why I am just stood here - shocked, he is the first one to even show that they know the garden is even there.

You never know he might help me keep on top of the garden!!
I should be so lucky.

Rocky is definitely making himself useful today, he has cooked dinner for everyone too.

Not doing housework tonight?
No I am trying to improve my fishing it is holding me back a little.

Rocky's first job of the day was to clear away your dead plants.
Yes, I think he likes gardening as well as cooking
Strange as he hates the outdoors!!

My life what is going on, they are cleaning, cooking and tidying and someone has put in a load of washing too, I don't usually find this when I get back home from work.
Don't knock it!!
I am not - they haven't done something have they that I am going to kick off at.
No I think maybe you might be rubbing off on them.

In the hall.
Rocky and Coconut. she is flirting with Rocky, but I am not so sure he is impressed.

Now Rocky is flirting with Coconut, its like he thought about his lifetime wish then changed his mind about Coconut.
He needs to make his mind up!!!
I just realised what his LTW is, he wants to be a gold digger.
Nothing it just means to achieve that particular ltw he has to see the ghost of his dead spouce.

I hope Rocky and Coconut do get together
I thought you didn't like them pairing off.
I don't but if he continues with his obsession for Liam there is goiing to be trouble between the two of them and Viola, we could really do without all the fighting and arguing.

Talk of the devil!!!
Liam doesn't  look impressed.
No he doesn't like what is going on between Rocky and Coconut.

This is turning into a nightmare!!!


I think Rocky is now the most active house mate at the moment - he seems to be getting himself into everything - lol  I keep trying to concentrate on what other members of the household are up to but I always get drawn back to Rocky because he has so much going on and none of the others are doing anything interesting unless it has something to do with Rocky!!  He just loves being the centre of attention!!!


  1. I love how Rocky is stealing the show, that's crazy how he is cooking and gardening. And yay, more Liam and Viola! I seriously love them :)

  2. Rocky sure is helping out alot even if he is having a hard time settling on just one sim. :D Coconut seems like she might think about Liam with the look she's giving him in the last picture.