Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Clone 2 - Chapter 4

What's up with Lilly, she has been stood there for hours just staring.
At Lex?
Well yes I think so.
I think she is obsessed with him, she has started following him around and they have started spending a lot of time together lately.

It is quite comical really, she keeps trying to kiss him and every time he pulls away then they go into some sort of silly routine they have got going between them, I don't have a clue what they are doing.
He has commitment issues remember, that might be why he won't let her kiss him.

He doesn't get mad with her for trying to kiss him, they just start talking a load of madness to each other.
Do you understand the madness seeing as your insane too?
No I don't, I haven't got a clue!!
Maybe its private between them.
It must be because I haven't seen anyone else doing it yet

He always finishes like he is laughing at her.
She doesn't look too happy I can see that much!!
She might look like she is not happy but they don't fall out or anything, whatever they are doing is improving their relationship.
Maybe its the insane way of flirting
Now your the one who sounds mental!!!

Now he has finished she is doing the same thing back to him - they are just talking a load of madness to each other, but they seem to understand each other - I wish I did!!

Now Lex is the one not looking too happy!!
They don't get cross with each other, they will just stand there now for ages staring at each other till one of them needs the toilet, food or sleep.
They are mad!!
I thought you already knew that!!
Ha! Ha!

They spend hours together just staring at the chess board pieces.
So are they not playing?
No most of the time they just chat and stare at the piece, Lex likes to inspect them.

They have started to cuddle on the couch too, but its always Lilly cuddling Lex its never the other way round.
It is quite sweet really, but ashame their relationship can never really go anywhere!!
Why not?
Come on think about it they are not even capable of looking after themselves, put them out in the real world - they would not last five minutes.

I don't get how they manage to wreck the place while I am at work, they have managed to break the toilet, TV and shower since this morning.
I see Lex is keeping your company while you work.
He is talking to himself or the wall I am not sure which

Marty, should you really be doing that?
Well if I don't nobody else will and if they have to miss their children's tv they will be going off on one!!
I am worried you might electricute yourself, your handiness skill is not that good!!
It is turned off, I should be fine!!

What pleasure do they get from talking to the wall? - they all do it!!
I don't know, try it and you might find out.
I am not insane.
That is not what your psychiatrist says.

You have got an audience what are you doing teaching them to clean?
No, they are queuing up to use it probably either that or the toilet.

You are very busy today!!
This is what I have to do now at weekends catch up on all the washing and cleaning, I don't get a chance to do it properly during the week because of work and the gardening.

Marty you are needed inside.
What now??
Rocky has just set the cooker on fire
Oh not again!!!

You be careful!!

Luckily this one didn't spread very far, just the floor, one cupboard unit and the cooker - I had not long cleaned that cooker either!!!

When it was all over Rocky stood there looking pleased with himself, he stood there thumbs up and shouted "Yeah"
Me and Lex just looked at each other then looked at Rocky in disbelief.
You don't think he did that on purpose do you?
I don't know - I hope not!!

"Do you like fire Rocky?"
"Did you start that fire on purpose?"

Before you start shouting at him, do you really think he knows what he is saying?
I don't know its hard to tell but what if he did do it on purpose, what am I going to do??
I don't know - if he keeps starting fires on purpose that could be tricky!!

You shouted at Rocky pretty loudly its no wander he stropped off in a sulky mood!!!
I only asked him to clean the mess up that he had caused, besides he always strops off like that even if you ask him to clean up nicely!!
Can you see what I am seeing??!!
Yes, Lex, Lilly and Liam who were in the kitchen while I was yelling at Rocky and they are now rushing round tidying up - they must have thought I was shouting at them too!!

Well it looks like Rocky is in a better mood today!!
Yes, I think Patches and Rocky might be going the same way as Lex and Lilly, they have started to spend quite a bit of time together.

Oops I think she hit him a little too hard!!
He won't be mad with her for long!!

Yes its quite relaxing and I need something to take me out of that madhouse sometimes!!  Besides I want to fertilise the plants so I am catching some fish to use on the plants.
How is your gardening skill coming on?
Not fast enough I need to step up three levels for work, it is really hard.

I am sick of never being able to take a shower in peace!!!
Don't shout at her I think she was trying to tell you something

Did you not notice the saucepan in her hand?
Well Rocky kicked her off the cooker while she was cooking, he is now stood there just watching his saucepan getting blacker and blacker - I think he may be waiting for it to catch fire!!


I have a nasty feeling - he was waiting for that burnt pan to catch fire again wasn't he?!
I think you might well have a pyromaniac on your hands!!
OMG - what am I going to do????



  1. That is soooo funny that Rocky keeps trying to catch things on fire. I can't say enough how funny this is!

  2. Lex and Lily are hilarious! Great pics. Lol at them all cleaning suddenly. And the picture of Viola walking in on Marty is gold.

  3. I agree this is the funniest thing I've read. And Lex and Lilly and the 'insane way of flirting' hilarity just to see the pictures of the movements they made at each other. Ooo, terrible about having a firebug in the house.

  4. Insane sims are so hilarious to read about. Always entertaining the random stuff they do!